Bury Tomorrow // Cannibal // Album Review

Bury Tomorrow are back with album number six, the follow up to the impressive Black Flame. A real standout live act with their immense energy, they have gone from strength to strength and this English Quintet has got some task to compete with their impressive discography. 

They certainly have the knack of producing heavy but melodic sounding tracks and ‘Choke’ comes bursting through in this vein, lead vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates on top form with a mixture of screaming and growling, the perfect opener, heavy elements mixed with clean vocals are what Bury Tomorrow capture so well.

Title Track ‘Cannibal’ opens with flowing guitar melodies that immediately suck you in before Daniel’s trademark screams come blasting in, some more excellent guitar work toward the end takes this sensation to a close. The first single off the album ‘The Grey (VIXI)’ released back in November 2019, with great musicianship once again, Bury Tomorrow seems to have nailed the slower parts well on this album, as a moment of lucidity with Jason’s catchy clean vocals soaring through. 

‘Better Below’ is filled with passion and emotion right from the offset, the music cleverly mimicking these emotions and fitting in well with the lyrics. Daniel admits himself that it’s the most honest and vulnerable he’s ever been, lyrically and emotionally in a song and you can really hear that. Credit to Jason’s clean vocals again as it feels like he’s stepped up onto another level on this record. 

‘Quake’ starts off unlike the majority of Bury Tomorrow’s work, bliss, and serenity, two words I never thought I’d use to describe a track by these guys. Not wanting to get too comfortable in that territory, familiarity creeps back in, saddening but powerful lyrics alongside great riffing draw this one to an end. ‘Voice and Truth’ returns to the brutal side of Bury Tomorrow, fast double bass pedal, catchy riffs with Daniel’s screams resounding emphatically over the top. Soothing and well-flowing guitar solos that mix well with the brutality, showcasing the talent on show, in particular, shown on this track. Every element of this band has creativity and flair flowing seamlessly, leading us onto the next track ‘Cold Sleep’, in a very similar vein but cleverly done in the sense that each has its own feel and meaning. 

Bury Tomorrow have set their own bar exceptionally high with this record, it has been very well put together, each track standing out and not a filler in sight. They’ve poured blood, sweat, tears, passion and so much more into this, the music matching the emotion in the vocals is something they’ve managed to execute well and it makes for a fantastic listen. 

Peter Watts


Cannibal is out via Music for Nations on 3rd July 2020



1. Choke
2. Cannibal
3. The Grey (VIXI)
4. Imposter
5. Better Below
6. The Agonist
7. Quake
8. Gods & Machines
9. Voice & Truth

10. Cold Sleep

11. Dark Infinite


Line up: 

Daniel Winter-Bates – unclean vocals

Jason Cameron – rhythm guitar, clean vocals

Kristan Dawson – lead guitar, backing vocals

Davyd Winter-Bates – bass guitar

Adam Jackson – drums, percussion






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