Bullets and Octane 

brand new single 

Give Me A Reason

and watch the new video for 

Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog” 

LA rockers Bullets and Octane’s brand new single Give Me A Reason is an audacious anthem with a hooky chorus that shines.
Taken from their new album “Riot Riot N Roll” Give Me A Reason will grip the listener from the very first hearing and simply refuse to let go.
Backed up by their strong songwriting abilities, dedication and determination to their craft Bullets and Octane’s new album “Riot Riot N Roll” is released physically on CD on 29th May through Bad MoFo Records/Cargo Records UK.
Riot Riot N Roll”  also features “Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog” co-written with ex Buckcherry guitarist Keith Nelson. Watch the new video here for this caustic slice of rock’n’roll: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw3zbO9YmDU
Bullets and Octane toured extensively for their previous album “Waking Up Dead”, including 5 European Tours and a US tour. Opening slots for CKY and festival appearances at Malmo Festival in Sweden and Call Of The Wild in the UK helped build an already rabid fan base.
During the time on the road the band wrote  “Riot Riot Rock N Roll” which guitarist Felipe Rodrigo says “is the heaviest and best Bullets album to date”.
Bullets and Octane’s remind us that music can still be straight to the point, efficient, honest and exciting, so brace yourself for Bullets and Octane’s next chapter.
Riot Riot N Roll track listing:
1. Riot Riot Rock N Roll
2. Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog
3. The Devil
4. Give Me A Reason
5. As The Bombs Fall
6. Addicted To Outrage
7. Heaven Can Wait
8. Chaos
9. Rooftop Tears
10. Lost Crazy Psycho
To stream Riot Riot N Roll  album go to: https://open.spotify.com/album/0FYN3ZlHBUPGL3fjS7UUGj
‘LA Rockers return wit career best album’ 
Vive Le Rock
“Riot Riot Rock N Roll” first sounds exactly like you want an album with that title to sound, but more, it is the best album that Bullets And Octane have ever made.
Rating 9/10
‘From start to finish this album is a banger.’
‘Each track on this album is like drinking a shot – short & potent – and if taken one after another, possess the power to knock you of your feet.’
‘Bullets And Octane are here to inject rock ‘n’ roll venom straight into the jugular.’
‘Their most eclectic and unique not forgetting thrilling album yet.’
‘Never change boys.’
‘As soon as you’re done with this record, you’ll put it on again and again’

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