Buffalo Summer // Desolation Blue // Album Review
Buffalo Summer // Desolation Blue // Album Review 10
Buffalo Summer // Desolation Blue // Album Review 10
Buffalo Summer // Desolation Blue // Album Review 10
Buffalo Summer // Desolation Blue // Album Review 10
Buffalo Summer // Desolation Blue // Album Review 10
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In these chaotic and uncertain times, this album has come not a moment too soon, a breath of fresh air and calming blues-infused rock that will somewhat tame the savage beast.

From the opening of “The Power & The Greed” to the last echo of “Pilot Light,” there is something for everyone, full of powerful riffs and a unique groove that will move you. “The Power & The Greed” announces them spectacularly with fat riffs and funk out the door in between relaxed vocals and rhythm that just grabs you. “Hit The Ground Running” is a different prospect altogether, a real rock’n’roller that has you from the start with crisp guitars, snappy drums, and lyrics sung with a snarl, a brilliant track. “If Walls Could Speak” keeps things running along nicely with a foot-stomping rocker, great riffs, bass and drums with Hunt tearing it up on the vocals, it’s excellent. “The Mirror” will be a massive radio hit with its cool easy vibes and a powerful chorus backed up by some brilliant guitar work. “When You Walk Away” feels like it could be a Cult song, with echoey guitars, rhythmic drum beat with a really low bass line, I defy anyone not to be tapping their foot after about five seconds, it is just so infectious.

“Last To Know” is a funky little number that has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster with some seriously cool guitars. “Dark Valentine” opens with some really bluesy guitars and the smooth, easy, undeniably fantastic vocal talent of Hunt washing over you, a low bass line combined with heavy drums that lead into a gritty solo that Gary Moore would have been proud off as the song reaches a crescendo before going anything but quietly into the night, a great track. “Deep Water” plain and simply rocks, chugging riffs, blasting drums and a ripper solo that will have you banging your head like nobody’s business. “Everybody’s Out For Number 1” is a snarling fast track that kicks right from the off, big drums with even bigger guitars as Williams leaves it all on the floor with a scintillating solo. “Untouchable” is an unabashed old-style rocker with everything dialed up to ten for maximum effect, and it works a treat as it has a monster sound with a serious groove. “The Bitter End” eases you towards the end if the album with a slower-paced track. Peter Buck, REM fame, plays the twelve stringer here that blends nicely with Williams’ big sounding guitar, a great track. “Pilot Light” closes out an outstanding album on a calm note, softly strummed guitar, a metronome style beat in the background as Hunt lures you in one last time.

For the so-called difficult third album, these guys make it anything but in a seriously solid outing.

Desolation Blue is out this coming Friday via Silver Lining Music.



1.      The Power & The Greed
2.      Hit The Ground Running
3.      If Walls Could Speak
4.      The Mirror
5.      When You Walk Away
6.      Last To Know
7.      Dark Valentine
8.      Deep Water
9.      Everybody’s Out For Number 1
10.    Untouchable
11.    The Bitter End
12.    Pilot Light

Desolation Blueis available on CD and digital formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

RECORDED AT: Rockfield Studios & Monnow Valley Studio, UK
PRODUCED BY: Barrett Martin
MIXED BY: Tom Manning, David Radahd-Jones and Ulrich Wild


Buffalo Summer are:

Andrew Hunt Vocals

Jonny Williams Guitar

Darren King Bass

Gareth Hunt Drums








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