Due to the current worldwide situation & information that has become available, we would like to say a few things to the bands and their fans:
First of all, we wish to send all our thoughts and strength to you and your families. We hope you guys are staying safe and being careful at home.
Right now it is a reality that the Music and Extreme Music industries are living through tough times, and a lot of bands are suffering financially from this situation. Let’s try to see what can we learn about it.
The Extreme Music industry still relies a lot on touring, merchandising, and physical sales, and we do hope that this will continue generating incomes for our bands. This situation gives us time to think about the future and about the best way to help bands by integrating more digital tools, and for them to keep spreading their music and vision to their fans.
Today we have the chance to connect people all over the world and deliver them music at almost the exact same time through digital streaming platforms. We would like you to realize that this is our future and the future of the entire market.
Yes, to be equal to one CD sale, streams require way more listening. But today we have hundreds of platforms to deliver music and content, which are generating income for the bands. Every listening, every person counts for the bands. This is no longer limited to one purchase per project, per person but a lifetime income.
We are mainly working with new comers & DIY bands so we are more than aware that the entire sales ecosystem remains essential. It is incredibly important that every band and fan knows that they can be supported and support through streaming and that it will continue to become the main revenue source for artists.
We all need to acknowledge the fact that in order to support the music and bands we love during this time, streaming and digital are our future and that together we can make it works.


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Stay safe, stream music, & stay home.
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