Brooklyn post-shoegaze band Semaphore provide a raw reflection to modern relationships, with “Unreliable”

Scrutiny to the flaws of modern dating, interpersonal relationships & our dependency of technology


Semaphore’s new single & music video “Unreliable”

NEW YORK CITY | January 25, 2018 – Semaphore’s new single and music video “Unreliable” provides a close scrutiny of modern interpersonal relationships. From confronting the emotional games often played in dating, to the hurt of unrequited friendships, it explores the anxieties of being surrounded, yet so often alone, even in a place such as New York City. Blending post-shoegaze, alternative rock, and pop-punk influences, “Unreliable” provides a catchy hook and melody, but resonates deep in its content.

Raw, honest, and shot in a DIY-style, “Unreliable” provides a close review to the synthetic construction of our modern society, and the shortcomings it brings. Vocalist Siddhu Anandalingam shared, “It deals with the central themes of our upcoming album: lack of trust in ourselves, our friends, and the city we live in. If all these things work harmoniously, they could bring us happiness, and yet they are so often the things that fail us and leave us dejected.” As the twenty-first century dating scene has led to the prevalence of ‘ghosting’, ‘catfishing’, and countless other scenarios pushed as the ‘new normal’, it’s easy to see how a jaded perspective could be easily formed.

“Central to the video is the old tale of how the prevalence of technology should make us feel closer to one another but instead amplifies loneliness,” Anandalingam said. A cathartic release comes with the smashing of a phone mid-video; breaking free from its addictively toxic hold, releasing the burden and frustration that it brings. “For filming, our DIY approach worked well,” noted Anandalingam. “The slow-mo scenes of breaking the phones and burning the subway cards all took place at my apartment!”. The band also makes a pointed tongue-in-check comment towards NYC’s subway system, the MTA – often unreliable with delays, changes and miscommunication – utilizing a burning Metrocard, as the perfect metaphor towards our negative relationships. The video was directed by George Ivanoff.

With a myriad of influences, Semaphore defy a single genre, while building musically intricate and catchy pop hooks. “Unreliable” is the first single from their new EP Leave With the Seasonwhich is scheduled for release on February 22, 2019. It follows their 2017 album All Too Robot. “Unreliable” premiered earlier this week on VENTS Magazine, and can be found now on BandcampSoundcloud, and Youtube.


February 27 – Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY (EP Release Show)


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