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Surrounded by millions of people with hundreds of dreams, breaking away from the city into your own head is a skill that requires mental composure and emotional patience. Brooklyn contemporary folk singer-songwriter America Jayne spent years gently assembling a palace in her mind, a poetic place she could escape to by picking up her guitar. The folk song writer’s new single “Pretend” sets a scene of fantasy, where an impossible relationship plays out. Intimate, raw vocal runs and laid-back vibes create America Jayne’s fresh stand-out sound.
America Jayne elaborates further, “‘Pretend’ is about living in a world of fantasy instead of reality. The song uses a dreamy soundscape to explore a relationship that could only reach its full potential in my head. From ethereal vocals to floating melodic lines, ‘Pretend’ invited the listener to sit in the make-believe world I crafted around this person and begs the question ‘Can I really be happy here?'”
America Jayne is one of New York City’s own. The city is know for its bright lights, hopes and dreams and fast living. Many artists come and go as new high rise buildings are constructed and the old are discarded. Few people truly emerge, shining among the rest and standing the test of time.
This pop/folk artist is that bright light that can be seen for miles on end. The energy, passion and conviction in her voice could move the hardest of hearts, as she has amassed a strong following in the metropolitan area in such a short time she is quickly on her way to greatness.
Only a year after coming to New York from Connecticut to pursue her career in theater, she soon realized her passion was her voice, the guitar and the means to spread her love of music to the masses. America Jayne can be seen playing in venue’s all over New York City and beyond with her live band and solo acoustic shows for a more intimate vibe, to promote new music coming out in 2019.
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