“… Fast-rising trio Brooders have torn their way into the industry, intertwining thunderous guitar solos with piercing riffs…” GIGWISE


“… Brooders appear to have concocted songs that would certainly not appear out of place on some of the industry’s greatest stages…” THE INDIE-PENDENT


The new single from Leeds psych-grunge trio BROODERS, MINDFIELD, will be released on 27 September. The single is supported by HELP MUSICIANS UK through their Do It Differently fund and will be the fifth single release of the year from the band with one more remaining to tie up their six-single year.


Talking about the new single, the band explained:


The song is a struggle between senses and sensibility. It screams to be heard but it’s like a tree falling alone in a forest. Mindfield is about thoughts and expression that come with an external perspective.


In love and in life, sometimes you are blind to seeing that something is going wrong. It can be a very difficult thing to observe how twisted the world is becoming when you are truly wrapped up in a way of life that is very narrow sighted and seemingly normal. Sometimes you need to step back in order to see that you are becoming the very thing you work so hard not to become.


Some say it’s difficult to speak your mind. So, let your mind do the speaking.”



MINDFIELD will be released on all digital platforms on 27 September. You can find out more about Help Musicians UK and what they do on their socials:


FACEBOOK:            https://www.facebook.com/HelpMusiciansUK

TWITTER:            https://twitter.com/HelpMusiciansUK

WEBSITE:            https://www.helpmusicians.org.uk/about-us


FACEBOOK:            https://www.facebook.com/BroodersOfficial/

TWITTER:            https://twitter.com/BroodersBand

INSTAGRAM:            https://www.instagram.com/broodzbandz/

SPOTIFY:            https://spoti.fi/2MefuAr


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