British melodic punk act Arms & Hearts unveils debut album, ‘The Distance Between’

British melodic punk act Arms & Hearts has released debut album ‘The Distance Between’.

The solo project of Manchester singer-songwriter Steve Millar is out now on UTB Manchester, streaming via Spotify & Apple Music.

Arms & Hearts’ debut LP is a blue collar rallying cry, a vulnerable yet hopeful punk rock debut with a sense of defiance emblazoned on the sleeve.

Millar spoke exclusively to Live Nation’s The Noise, to discuss the new LP.

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What keeps me alive is slowly killing me — a lyric that epitomises Arms & Hearts. It’s a conflict has fueled Steve Millar and one which forms the foundation of Arms & Hearts’ debut full-length.

Equally comfortable on a dimly lit folk club stage or at a loud and lively punk show, the heavy-touring singer/songwriter combines the storytelling and work rate of a classic troubadour and heart on his sleeve punk rock passion, asserting himself as one of the most prominent figures in the UK’s underground music scenes.

‘The Distance Between’ sees Millar dropping his guard to confront thoughts of unfulfilled potential, mental fatigue and his own mortality head on. Emerging victorious, bloodied but far from beaten, in nine tracks he also demonstrates the resilience and character of a man desperate to prove you and everyone else wrong.

Aligning the downtrodden yet youthful sound of modern British punk and the hopeful, rose-tinted Americana epitomised by blue collar New Jersey, Arms & Hearts has carved himself a place amongst the UK’s flood of would be singer/songwriters with consistent touring across the UK, Europe &, more recently, the USA.

Watch Arms & Hearts’ new lyric video for “Community” (YouTube).

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