British Blues Rocker OLI BROWN Catches Up With Rock ‘N’ Load To Talk the “Dead Collective” & Moving Beyond 2020!!!

British Blues-Rocker Oli Brown hit the scene as a young six-string slinger way back in 2008 with his debut solo album “Open Road” and immediately turned heads on the UK Blues scene. Fast forward to 2015 with 3 solo studio albums under his belt and 1 live album Oli wanted a new challenge and RavenEye was born, a shift in direction brought a heavy Rock edge and gave birth to an EP in ‘Breaking Out” and a full studio album in ‘Nova’. Touring relentlessly RavenEye were a force to be reckoned with but not without their trials and tribulations. We chat about where we are today with RavenEye as an entity, the toll it took on his own mental health and his newly announced solo project Oli Brown & The Dead Collective. What’s next, time will tell but for now, watch this space!

I was told that nothing would happen in my career and I was making a mistake by moving away from the blues and starting a rock band. Did I care? Of course, I did, but it still wasn’t going to stop me as I saw the vision others didn’t and here’s where that took me.
Over the last few years, my mental health deteriorated. I kept myself in a destructive environment and a series of unfortunate events pushed me over the edge, which resulted in anxiety attacks and one that almost brought my life to a much shorter conclusion.
This song was written a week before my biggest attack, my subconscious was far more aware of my state of mind than I was.
I reached out for help and found it through private therapy, which truly saved me (the NHS waiting list was insanely long and the doctor I saw about it passed me off). It gave me the strength to realise my worth and make changes to better my life. I know if I didn’t make this first step for help, I wouldn’t be here.
I was ready to step away from music entirely as I was aware of the damage it was doing to my headspace. But instead, I found solace in the chaos and created a record that feels truly reflective of where I’m at as a human and as an artist, now I’m ready to lay into this next chapter.
I’ve surrounded myself with the best people, have an incredible partner who I am truly grateful for and I now know to take my mental health far more seriously and to seek help when I need it rather than burying it in distractions.
Here’s to the chaos and thriving in it
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