British alternative metal quintet Winter Hotel have announced their debut EP. ‘Vacancies’ is set for release on June 18th, 2021.

British alternative metal quintet Winter Hotel have announced their debut EP. ‘Vacancies’ is set for release on June 18th, 2021.

Listen to latest single, “The Exorcist’s Daughter”.


Track listing:
1. Lovers at Bay
2. 19
3. Waste
4. The Exorcist’s Daughter
5. The Show Must Go On

Winter Hotel’s heavy, impactful sound draws on a melting pot of influences, bringing together a 5-track EP steeped in quality musicianship and full of heart.

Winter Hotel copy

Formed in Wales, in late 2017 through the chance meeting of its founding members, UK 5-piece Winter Hotel create a dynamic, hard hitting and emotive alternative metal sound that nods to a cross-section of genres. A diverse array of influences and sounds drives the Winter Hotel creative ethic; death metal, Midwest emo and post-hardcore all showing themselves across the course of the band’s upcoming EP, ‘Vacancies’.

The constant push-and-pull of differing extremes creates a sonic output that minimizes the boundaries between metal’s spectrum of sub-genres; face-melting death metal rings through Warren Porter’s lead vocal, with melodically weighted guitar and post-hardcore intonations bringing the ambitious collection together.

Keeping a steady stream of new music coming through the midst of the pandemic, Winter Hotel have released songs from their debut EP, ‘Vacancies’ separately, as individual chapters of a larger narrative.

‘Vacancies’ is out June 18th, 2021; watch the band’s music video for new single “The Excorcist’s Daughter”

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Winter Hotel is:
Warren Porter – Vocals
Liam Osment – Rhythm Guitar
Charlie Wignall – Drums


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