Brit punk rockers THE OUTLINES Talk Influences With Rock ‘N’ Load

UK trio THE OUTLINES ( )are planning their attack across the UK with the release of their new EP, House Of Thieves, out Friday 28th February. The punk rockers have also just dropped a new track, Mind Trip, which can be streamed here – . With this in mind, we asked vocalist / guitarist Kyle Peters for his top tracks:

“Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia –

I love the structure of this song, especially how it breaks away from the traditional punk ideology and steps into something new.  A nine minute Punk song is going to upset a lot of people, I often take a similar approach. Ha, I try to involve things I shouldn’t do rather than what I should.

The Clash – London Calling –

It’s interesting how the simplest riffs can sometimes have the best effect. The guitars are razor sharp and just stab on the beat with a little bit of reverb, it creates a perfect British story telling atmosphere. We’ve found the techniques used by The Clash really useful when we want to create an atmosphere that has a soul.

Max Raptor – The King is Dead –

I don’t think we would be The Outlines without Max Raptor! I remember we were listening to them a lot when the band was first coming together; their influence is in pretty much every song. It’s all about the backing vocal chant, and is something the whole room can get involved in

Slaves –  The Hunter –

Obviously Slaves take a different approach to playing the drums. To our ears it gives a song that ‘70s DIY’ sound  but played with a lot more aggression. It also brings in a modern electronic sound, just booming! Two drum sounds using half a kit, you can’t go wrong.

Fizzy Blood – January Sun –

We played with Fizzy Blood a couple of years ago. I remember they finished with January Sun. I think they demonstrate that you can have something that sounds pleasant to the ear; harmonies, melody, etc. But when needed you can kick in with heavy guitars and push the vocals to the point of screaming.”


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