Brit rockers VORSETELLAN (https://www.facebook.com/Vorstellan/) have just announced details of their new debut album, Encephalon, on Friday 8th May. The UK tunesters have also rebooted their single, Home, to coincide with the release – https://youtu.be/RsFZit0u5AM . With this in mind we asked the guys for their favourite tracks:

Jacob’s (guitar and vocals) 3 favourite songs

“Silverchair – Freak – https://youtu.be/8KHwuOtcALQ

I remember hearing this song when Scuzz TV was still around. As soon as the guitars kicked in I was instantly hooked to this band. To me they are just the perfect band from their look, their sound and their overall stage presence to me Silverchair are the perfect Rock band.

Bush – Greedy Fly – https://youtu.be/6FExyoAh6Ng

 What I love about this song is the simplicity of the chords as it’s mostly barre chords throughout the entire song part from the lead parts but yet it sounds so affective. I remember watching this music video when I was younger and thinking it was for a new film.

Placebo – Pure Morning – https://youtu.be/DHQngnnHE_0

 I can’t say enough good things about the band Placebo, as to me they are just so diverse but I think this song was most people’s introduction to Placebo as it was certainly mine. There is just something about this song that makes you want to sing along, it’s so different to most songs out there.

Matt’s (drums) 3 favourite songs –

Silent Planet – Northern Fires https://youtu.be/fOPXQlXURpY

 A pensive comment on the business of war, specifically the Spanish Civil War. Its lyrics are cleverly pieced together, literarily inspired and historically educational. Harsh and clean vocals blended with erratic rhythms and vast soundscapes immerse us into the true perspective of their emotions.  Inspiring me to improve my lyrical depth.

Devin Townsend Project – Stormbending


A true Devin Townsend ‘Epic’. The music is incredibly powerful from start to finish and there is a certain beauty in the way the song is structured and how the lyrics are delivered, from masterful cleans to distorted screams all the way to the crescendo climax ending the song.

Katatonia – Journey Through Pressure https://youtu.be/jzp1iNt1l2c

The Mastery of this track lies within its simplicity,  very well written all around, the vocal work instils an eerie and emotional pathos, that serves as a visceral reminder of their dark and “depressing” nature. This song shows that you don’t need intricacies to win over a listener.

John’s (bass) 3 favourite songs –

Wagon wheel – Darius Rucker – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvKyBcCDOB4

My all-time favourite song that always reminds me of why I’m such a huge fan of the country genre of which I credit to having such a positive outlook on life, a very simple bass line which taught me that sometimes in music less is more.

Toes – Zac Brown Band – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kD-unyd10tM

A collaboration of feel good lyrics and summer feeling sound, I can’t wait for summer! Listening to this piece inspires me to write similar songs that I hope will make others feel the way I feel.

When it rains it pours – Luke Combs – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXyxFMbqKYA

The perfect break up song which helped me feel free and optimistic about the future, a reminder that every hardship has a silver lining.”

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