Brit hard hitters VILLAINOUS have just released a stunning new video, Obsolete

, which has been lifted from their much-praised self-titled debut EP. We checked in with the guys and asked them for their top five tracks that have helped to define their sound:

Tool – Aenema

The overall progression of this track, particularly in lyrical content, is what makes it stand out so much .The catchy but apocalyptic verses, and chorus at the beginning, a sort of antithesis of the rose tinted view of California by most bands. It then morphs into an brutal rant about his hatred of various types of  “LA people” and wishing for Armageddon, it’s just so brutally honest and aggressive.

Callum:- Mastodon – Colony of Birchmen

As a drummer this was what really made me pay attention to this band, Brann’s drumming is the driving force for the majority of the song, powering along the sludge riffs, but then opening up when the vocal melodies become more expansive.

Neil:- Soundgarden – Spoonman

So much groove in this track, massive riffs, screeching vocals, dark lyrics hidden in catchy melodies, unconventional lead playing, everything we were aiming to do while writing this track.

Nick:- Alice in Chains – Rain When I Die

For a track that is so dark, bleak and heavy, it still retains an amazing amount of musicality. Those style of vocals are a huge influence on us, the sound of heavy, but not metal.

Whole band:- Mastodon – Blood and Thu der

If modern heavy progressive music could have an all encompassing anthem, this would come pretty close. The speedy but sludgy riffs, the power in the chorus, the guitarmonies, gobsmacking. That and it’s the first track on the best metal album ever made.

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