Brit crossover crew THE COLLISION ( ) are poised to make their mark with the release of their new single and video, Unbelievable – features Jot Maxi from Hacktivist. Dishing up a sound influenced by heavier genres in synergy with harmonic vocal melodies and leading synths, the live-wired quartet deliver high energy riffs framed by catchy choruses. With this in mind, we asked the band for their top five tracks that have heavily influences their sound:

These Colours Don’t Run – Architects

The  message it portrays is a reflection of a dystopian world not far from our own, realising the problems we face and the lack of direction to solve them. If every song should tell a story then this song is a novel, and has influenced how we should think about a song while its being written.

In Between – Beartooth

When we first heard this song, the chorus blew us away with how catchy and well-structured it is. Beartooth are consistently powerful with their content but if any song gave us the idea to really hit hard on the choruses, this is it.

Drugs – Falling In Reverse

When this song dropped, we believe it was a new era for pop rock / metal. The post production mixed with the massive riffs and catchy vocals creates our favourite rock release of 2019 that has had a massive impact on how we layer the elements in our music.

Can You Feel My Heart – Bring Me The Horizon

We struggle to narrow down to one song by this band. This track could not hit harder emotionally and physically. We find ourselves captivated by the sheer passion behind Oli Sykes’ voice and the thought that went into layering this song to be possibly the pinnacle of this whole genre.

Everybody – Don Broco

The live impact and crowd participation behind this song made us want to go onto releasing a bigger style after a long time producing pop tracks. This really gets the crowd on there feet and helped grow and nurture the way we interact with the crowd at our own live shows.

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