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Brit bruisers ON HOLLOW GROUND ( continue their climb with the release of their immersing new album, Blood Is Blood, out on Friday 17th July. The highly-rated metalcorers will also release a stunning new single and video, Our Lives, on Friday 8th May. We exclusively spoke to Jack Flynn (Lead Vocalist), Ryan Scott (Guitar and Vocals), Chris Batty (Guitar), Bob Howe (Bass), and Joe Wood (Drums) about their influences and their favourite tracks:

“Within On Hollow Ground we individually have broad tastes so we decided that we would select one song each that defined our personal preference and then collectively decide on a song that inspired the band as a whole.

Jack – Enter Shikari – ‘Mothership’


I was 17 years old when I first heard this track, 13 years later I’m still amazed by its fusion of genres and styles. This is something that I reference when working on incorporating more than just “heavy” elements into our music.

Ryan – Polaris – Lucid


I love the structure behind this song. It’s fast paced and angry but has huge chorus moments when necessary. The main riff is naughty too and goes hard as a motherf****r. It’s songs like this I want to recreate  for us. Big, heavy and a pure banger.

Batty – Northlane – Leech


This song defiantly influences me with its use of layering between synths and pads, with a mix of guitar lines. Personally, Leech has the best mix of clean ambient sounds and crushing heavy riffs. It influences me to put forward more textual ideas when we’re writing.

Bob – Chelsea Grin – Recreant

I’m a simple kinda man so I dig simple songs. This song was the first song I learnt on bass and it showed me the importance of keep it simple stupid. All songs don’t have to be stupidly technical so I keep all my bass lines simple which allows the guitarists to fill the spaces.

Joe – Emmure – Smokey


The more I listened to Look At Yourself (2017), the more I realised that – contrary to my previous outlook – the quality of a drum track is not necessarily relative to its busyness or complexity. This track in particular shows how much a drum track can add to a song without saying much at all, and this idea heavily influenced my drum-writing on this album.

Band – Heart of a Coward – ‘Shade’

Within the band we have such a broad range of influences, as our chosen songs will attest. However, back in 2013 when we formed On Hollow Ground there was one band that we unanimously agreed we would take influence from. To this day we still use HOAC as an answer when asked about the bands that most influenced our sound.”

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