Brit Alt-Rock Combo Broken Links Exclusively Talk Influences With Rock ‘N’ Load

BROKEN LINKS ( ) produce gratifying alternative rock that is dark and engulfing. The Brit dark rock combo will reveal their stunning third album, Conflict::States, on Friday 30th April.

The band will also drop a new single and video for the track, Pioneers, on Friday 26th February. With this in mind, we asked the guys for a collection of their top tracks:

“Metallica – King Nothing –

It all starts at Metallica. ‘Load’ was the album out in my teenage years, so that was purchased along with the guitar tablature book! Hours was spent listening to it and trying to learn the guitars note-for-note, so their whole style & guitar tricks are deeply engrained into our music!

Depeche Mode – Barrel of a Gun –

My parents had cable back in the day, and I ALWAYS had MTV on, it was quite cool back then! I remember this big hoo-ha about a premiere of Depeche Mode’s comeback, so I tuned and watched this song. It blew my mind. The intro, the drums, the synths, the messed-up video. I’d never seen or heard anything like before. It’s still today my favourite song of all-time.

U2 – Discotheque –

Another track I first caught on MTV back in the day which blew my mind. The intro is just cool as fuck and the music and melody are great. At the end of the day, you can say what you want about U2, but they write great songs, and The Edge’s use of playing guitar only when its needed and maxing up the effects makes the band. Additionally, ‘Achtung Baby’ is one of the best albums ever…period.

Nine Inch Nails – Somewhat Damaged –

The band that changed it all for me. My older brother used to lend me his CDs back in the day (again!). He started me off on the popular stuff to begin with, then one day he lent me ‘The Fragile’ and said “when you play this, turn it up fucking loud, ok?”. Thanks bruv for the pair of blown speakers, but he was right. At the time I felt the song had this ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude in general, but also in song structure. The whole album is a bit of an underrated masterpiece. Trent’s influence has flooded our music.

Hell is for Heroes – Night Vision –

I loved this band, not just for their music, but their whole attitude to being a band. Despite being dropped by their major label after their first album, they just kept going and released two more amazing albums, and for us fans still listening, we bloody loved it. There was just a lot of honesty and defiance, and they were good guys, always around after the show for a chat. I still have a signed condom from them somewhere!  It inspires us to keep going whilst we still get a buzz writing music & playing it live, despite being heard by few!

Manic Street Preachers – Archives of Pain –

‘The Holy Bible’ is my favourite album of all-time. A seriously dark mood stretching through the entirety of the album touching on subjects I never heard songs written about before. James Dean Bradfield absolutely killed on the guitars throughout this album, the solos are incredible and in general, everything has this warped, twisted, military feel to it. I would say a lot of this has rubber-off on our new album!”

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