Breathe Atlantis - Soul Made - Album Review
Breathe Atlantis - Soul Made - Album Review 9
Breathe Atlantis - Soul Made - Album Review 9
Breathe Atlantis - Soul Made - Album Review 9
Breathe Atlantis - Soul Made - Album Review 9
Breathe Atlantis - Soul Made - Album Review 9
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Breathe Atlantis​ are back with their 3rd album, ​Soul Made​. Having had great success with their last album, the German band are back with a fresh take on their sound. While it’s been two years since the last release, the guys have been busy touring and writing to give us this latest installment.

Soul Made​ is a mixture of alternative rock and Pop Punk. With catchy riffs and hooks mixed with driving beats, the album has this force that makes you want to hear more. The first single to be released last year “My Supernova” uses the bands love for an electronic edge with a catchy chorus that is also lighter than some of the other tracks on the album. While “At Night” uses a riff that bears a resemblance to ​Bullet For My Valentine’s ​early stuff, they make it their own with a slightly poppier sounding chorus while keeping that repetitive riff strong throughout. If it’s the heavier sound you’re looking for then, “Everything Else” provides that harder punch with its opening and chorus that packs some serious punch. The verses do slow things down but that only heightens the heaviness when that kicks in. Throughout the album, the band take you on a journey from feel good sounds to heavy hitters that keep you looking for what’s next from the next track. While the band doesn’t go down just one route, there are a lot of highly melodic vocals that when mixed with the heavier screams, give this band a diverse sound.

Breathe Atlantis​, have created a sound that can appeal to many a fan from those hard rock lovers to Pop Punk fans alike. The variety keeps them exciting and shows that they have some very real talent between them. ​Soul Made​ is another success for the guys and shows a maturity in their sound which shows no sign of stopping.





1. My Supernova 3:41
2. Cold 3:33
3. Don’t Need You Now 4:01
4. Fall 3:34
5. Spirit 3:30
6. I Think It Isn’t Fair 3:54
7. Soulmade 3:12
8. Savage 3:17
9. At Night 3:34
10. Addiction To The Worst 3:31

11. Everyone Else 3:29

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