• Washington DC-based, soul/funk project, Summer Dennis & Rhymes announce the dynamic and sultry video “Indelible” from their new album, Second Summer.  “In the case of Summer Dennis & Rhymes and their new song “Indelible”, the feelings were a mixture of power, confidence, dance, and unexplainable energy.” (Popular TV) “The single is an unforgettable funk record that sees singer Dennis give thanks for the simplest things in life with a passionate vocal performance over a smooth groovy backdrop.” (Broken 8 Records)    Rhymes have acquired media accolades, including appearances on EARMILK, Soulbounce, Celebmix, Great Day Washington, and Blog Talk Radio. “The classically trained artist displays the full range of her power with her gripping melody which enhances the uplifting vibe of the track as she gives thanks for all the simple things in life.” (The Word is Bond) WATCH “INDELIBLE” 
  • Washington DC-based, Experimental-Pop architects, The North Country, and their single, ”Freaks,” from their forthcoming album America and Afterwords, out June 26, 2020.  “Freaks” is The North Country’s latest release that explores a wide array of emotion and independence. The track is something pop and electronic enthusiasts look to for a unique blend of both worlds.  Their music is eclectic, and each track contains a story that transports you into a different point of view. America and Afterwards is an honest look at the present and a hopeful look to the future. If the album can be summed up in one lyric, it is: “We gotta give up on the past and the ghosts that haunt this place. To make good on the future we gotta look the present in the face”. We never expected this to be our present, a global pandemic and economic recession. If our current situation tells us anything it is that there’s no going back to the way things were, the future we build must be radically different from the present and the past.  The focus of this funky-electro track came to life through the idea of being yourself in spite of social pressures. Being defiant of those who would categorize you without your consent, put you in a box, to be as unabashedly weird as you actually are on the inside. LISTEN TO “FREAKS” 

  • New  York-based (via LA), Alt grunge/singer-songwriter, Vanessa Silberman, dubbed the “DIY queen” and “ nothing less than a super human,”‘ by Audiofemme, announces her single,  “All the Kids”, the second in a series of monthly singles to come out in 2020. Drawing inspiration from anthemic rock, grunge, and raw punk, and exploring mixed elements of pop and hip hop production, All the Kids’ (A Diamond Heart Production / Success Records via Symphonic) draws lyrical inspiration from how honest kids truly are. Musically its hooky punk that throws in grunge and explores the fun side of mixing small elements of disco, pop and hip hop production. Following her DIY roots, ’All the Kids’ along with the other new material is all self-produced, engineered, programmed, performed, mixed and mastered by Vanessa. Some of the new material and singles will also include special guests and features by other various musicians / artists.”Vanessa Silberman is Full of Punky Energy on Her New Song “All The Kids.” (V13.net) “With jangly guitars and vocals that can be described as punky sweet….Chock full of encouraging lyrics, the truly endearing element of the single is its unabashed be-true-to-yourself vibe that Silberman delivers in spades.” (PARADE MAGAZINELISTEN TO “ALL THE KIDS”
  • Brooklyn-based, Seattle-born indie folk/rock outfit, Charlie and the Rays announce their new video “Wanna Be Like You,” via The Boot.  The band states, “Wanna Be Like You” is about the mental battles within ourselves, the anxiety we face, and the honest desire to make change within ourselves. “The duo’s music incorporates powerful melodies, silky, rich harmonies, and 60’s and 70’s rock and folk-inspired instrumentation. These aspects together create an eloquent dichotomy that is simultaneously bouncy and catchy, while also stirring a vivid sense of deep longing and yearning. “Charlie and the Rays…have crafted some of the most beautiful and authentic nods to the great folk music movement that permeated coffeehouses and nightclubs across America in the 1960s. Their music is more than a mere homage, though; they have quickly created a name for themselves in today’s scene thanks to their pristine harmonies, beautiful musicianship and honest lyrics.” (The Boot)  WATCH “WANNA BE LIKE YOU”
  • Austin-based, award-winning indie/R&B/pop guitarist Jackie Venson announces new single, “Make Me Feel,” off her forthcoming studio album Vintage Machine, due out September 4, 2020. Venson also announces her “Make Me Feel” Tour  ahead of her next studio album, Vintage Machine  (out 9/4/2020).   In naming Venson one of “15 Women-Fronted Music Acts Getting Their Due at SXSW 2019,” alongside Billie Eilish,  An accomplished guitarist and talented singer to boot, she collaborates with some of the best instrumentalists and artists in Austin, Texas, on a regular basis.”2019 was a banner year for Venson, who has amassed over 700,000 Spotify streams and nearly 2 million YouTube views. She released her album Joy and won Best Guitarist at the Austin Music Awards—making her the first African American woman to win the award in the show’s 37-year history. She had two tracks on Starbucks’ Coffeehouse Playlist, was named #10 out of 50 Young Exciting Guitarists on Guitar.com and reached #13 on the Bandsintown Austin Emerging Artists’ ChartJoy has received praise from noted publications such as Forbes, Guitar World, Guitar Player, Guitar Girl Magazine, Austin Monthly, Texas Monthly, AfroPunk, Grammy.com, EARMILK, NPR Music, She Shreds Magazine,  and Vintage Guitar Magazine. “The effort’s first single, “Make Me Feel”, goes a long way to showing Venson’s range, both musically and vocally. There’s a sexy, wailing guitar laced through it all, sure, but the track is also heavily electronic. At times, it’s hard to make out if the neon squeals are coming from her six-string or her Novation Mininova. Spacey synths dance around her lyrics as she sings, “I don’t care what they say/ They will go theirs and I will go my way” in a breathy high-tone fans may not have heard before. Simultaneously raw and futuristic, it’s a prime example of her incredible craft and daring.” (Consequence of SoundLISTEN TO “MAKE ME FEEL”
  • ATX-based, synth/cosmic-pop pair, Moonray, launch their self-produced and recorded Honeymoon EP to be released under their own label, Satellite Records. “Filled with lush vocal harmonies, wah-wah pedal infused guitar, and whimsical synth arpeggios, the track straddles the line between psych-rock, synth-pop, and indie dance. ” (Surviving the Golden Age) The couple draw on their independence and strengths to speak to their listeners in an uplifting, relatable way. Jonray is a Houston-born fifth generation Texan and multi-instrumentalist, and Barbara is a business-savvy lover of theatre who grew up between Mexico and Austin, create freely and without limits, using their worldly melodies and lyrics to shine a restorative, hopeful light for those who need it.   LISTEN TO “COTTON CANDY DISCO PIE” 

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