“Shaping up to dominate.” – Clash
“Boy In Space is sure to land in hearts everywhere.” – Paper“Incredibly candid songwriting.” – Wonderland

 “He has carved out his own lane.” – tmrw

Boy In Space’s debut EP FRONTYARD was the first body of work from the rising Swedish artist and it accelerated his ascent, elevating him to 2.4 million monthly listeners at Spotify and earning Radio 1 airplay. His following continued to flourish when he featured on Alan Walker’s ‘Paradise’ a track which exceeded 40 million streams and featured in the game‘PUBG Mobile’.

Now Boy In Space – aka Robin Lundbäck – announces details of his second EP ‘BACKYARD’, which will be released on September 16th and is available to pre-save HERE. He provides a first taste of the EP by sharing its lead track ‘A**hole’ as well as its accompanying video. Listen HERE. Watch the video HERE.

A rare hybrid of bedroom pop immediacy and melodic pop-punk, ‘A**hole’ puts a fresh spin on the fun factor that made ‘FRONTYARD’ so memorable. But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll discover that Boy In Space’s falsetto is exploring themes of paranoia, depression and anxiety. Those two elements summarise Boy In Space’s appeal: come for his bright uplifting sound, stay for his takes on issues that so many people can relate to.

Boy In Space says, “While the frontyard is what you’re happy for people to see, the backyard is everything else. It’s what you try to keep hidden. The backyard is where you can see the ugly stuff. ‘A**hole’ is about some of the lowest times in my life, and the behaviour and thoughts that come to you in those periods of time.”

The ‘A**hole’ video shows Boy In Space and his live band performing the song and posing for a photoshoot, but there’s a simmering tension between the three young men. The playful, provocative and self-deprecating visual eventually degenerates into a fight, proving who the a**hole really is. But at least the photographer gets some great action shots. The video was directed by Swedish directorial duo ofbendz, who previously collaborated with Boy In Space on ‘Remember Me’.

Whereas ‘FRONTYARD’ focused on stories that Boy In Space felt comfortable with sharing with the world (like how a front garden offers a nice first impression to the neighbourhood), ‘BACKYARD’ goes deeper into the mind of an artist who admits to sometimes wishing that he could be normal. But normal is often boring and that’s not an accusation that can be levelled at‘BACKYARD’ as Boy In Space probes into alt-pop, rap, electronica, rock and a whole lot more.

Robin was born, raised and still lives in the small lakeside city of Alingsås. Creating music which can appeal to a diverse audience – including fans of The 1975The Weeknd and Blink 182 – the self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist finds that he usually writes his best songs within an hour. His life experiences provide him with plenty to inspire his songs, having struggled through school due to an undiagnosed mental health issue, and then being shot to international success in his teens with the pop trio JTR. He then turned his attention to a solo career, and his realisation that all he wanted was an ordinary but fulfilling life gave him the freedom to present himself as he really is: no image required.

‘Backyard’ EP tracklist:

  1. ‘A**hole’
  2. ‘Slide’
  3. ‘Lean On’
  4. ‘DTJuice’
  5. ‘Counting Sheep’
  6. ‘Hush’
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