Bound in Fear // Eternal // EP Review


Holy fuck, hold tight, this beast is going to smash your bollocks off.

Since 2016, Bound in Fear have been creating uncompromising, heavy as shit music that has pushed them to the front of the underground queue, leading to them selling out the debut release Regicide.

Following an impressive touring cycle, in 2019 the band released the debut full length The Hand Of Violence. This release pushed the boundaries of extreme music and created even more excitement around this stunningly brutal band.

Now is the time for a five-track EP, with a line up full of energy and ideas that are matched with a need to create destructive music that will shake the foundations of Brutal music.

The dust starts to rise as you press play and the first “Urgh” lands, knocking your jaw off and is joined by heavy down-tuned guitars and a deep aggressive vocal that morphs toward the guttural end of the spectrum. The electronics that occasionally join the party add some audible strobes as the drum skins are tested to the limit.

The glorious sounds of outrageous breakdowns joined with deep gravelly vocals is a triumph and when the band speed things up a little, the quality remains and gets the sweat dripping from your forehead.

The barrage of bone testing vibrations that emanate from the speakers is non-stop and feels like you are being put in a G Force machine. The tracks seem to go from strength to strength as, if you not shaking in a corner by the end of ‘Left to Drown’ then you will love the remaining tracks.

I have heard some heavy music in my time, however, few bands can touch what Bound in Fear has created here. It is not as Brutal as the likes of some Slam bands or Extreme Brutal Death Metal, however, this heavy is that Meshuggah mixed with Deathcore and add some extra heaviness type heavy.

This is one of the finest EP’s I’ve heard and leaves me yearning for more. You can growl along, head smash with and windmill all your frustrations out through the duration of the 22-minute release. Eternal will batter and bruise you, blowing out your windows and weakening the structure of the property you are in, but you won’t be able to stop listening to it. This is simply stunning.

Ed Ford


Eternal is released Friday 12th March 2021 via Unique Leader.


  1. Cardinal Sin
  2. Left to Drown
  3. My Mind, My Prison
  4. Everblack
  5. The Harrowing

Vocals – Ben Mason
Guitar – Ben Sutherland
Guitar – Steven Hunt
Bass – Keir Campbell
Drums – Alex Richins



Bound in Fear // Eternal // EP Review
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