Boston’s Major Moment partner with a raft of international producers on ‘The Flood: Remixed & Reimagined’ EP

(BOSTON, MA – JULY 14TH, 2021) Boston rockers Major Moment have unveiled a collection of remixes for 2020 hit single “The Flood”.

Partnering with producers from around the world, 2020 Boston Music Awards Band of the Year nominee Major Moment celebrates the anniversary of their biggest single to date, with a collection of vibrant and mesmerizing remixes and re-imaginings of the track.

‘The Flood: Remixed & Reimagined’ is out now on Spotify
and Apple Music

The band spoke exclusively to HM Magazine to discuss the Hoss Haus remix.


Spearheaded by two Russian-born vocalists, Andrey Borzykin & Sasha Razumova, Boston-based Major Moment have developed an intense and ambitious cinematic rock soundscape that integrates heavy guitar riffs, multi-layered synths, and melodic vocals.

Sophomore album, 2019’s ‘The Sequel’ hit the iTunes Charts in multiple countries and was the catalyst for 21 nominations at independent music awards. Major Moment continue to earn not only a buoyant fan base but also the recognition of their peers across North America and beyond, something further emphasized on supports for Outline in Color, Makari and Calling All Captains.

The release of 2020 single “The Flood”, the band’s biggest hit to date, saw Major Moment tackle current affairs head on, with the timely and thought-provoking melodic rock anthem. 2021’s Russian version of the music video rocketed the Massachusetts crew to acclaim in the home nation of vocalists Borzykin and Razumova, picking up over 1.6M views on the country’s largest social media network VK.

Continuing their international maturation, Major Moment have partnered with a raft of talented global producers to remix and re-imagine their hit single, “The Flood”, creating the eclectic and diverse ‘The Flood: Remixed & Re-imagined’.

‘The Flood: Remixed & Re-imagined’ is out now.

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Major Moment is:
Andrey Borzykin
Sasha Razumova
Eddie Thurmon
Daniel Interrante

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