Boston Punks A Crash Republic Release New Single “Overture

Boston pop-punk trio A Crash Republic will release their debut EP Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy on February 1st, but today you can hear the new single “Overture.” The A Day To Remember-esque track is about hating your town and all of the people you find yourself around.

The new EP Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy is the first part of a planned trilogy of releases under the concept of a character who commits to counterculture. “Overture” positions that theme front and center with the character giving a middle finger to their zip code.

‘Overture’ was a song I wrote while still in high school and trying to deal with the angst that comes with being a creative ‘edgy’ kid with some sort of fire in his heart (as cliche as that sounds),” says vocalist/guitarist Nick Tello. “While ‘Homewreckers’ is supposed to be a concept trilogy, a lot of the lyrics draw inspiration from my own internal struggles. From the story’s perspective, this is our first glimpse into the main character’s state of mind and claiming individualism over society and his ideas towards how he does not want to ‘fall in line.’


“Overture” follows-up the EP’s first single “Last September,” which just so happened to be released around last September.

Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy was produced, engineered, and mixed entirely by A Crash Republic. Mastering was handled by Andrew Wade.

Listen to “Overture” on Spotify.


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