Boston-based Artist Sam Nardella Releases New Single “Through the Need”

Sam Nardella
Drops New Single
“Through the Need”
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“Through the Need” is Sam Nardella’s second single overall, with another one coming in December 2020.

Get to know a little bit Sam Nardella through his Interview with PensEyeView.

“Taking inspiration from Brit Pop and the 90s, I wrote of the lonely phase that I encountered when realizing the only way forward was to face myself and venture off to slay my inner dragon. This song represents the part where the hero is at the entrance of the cave in which the adversary of his greatest fears is waiting.” – Sam Nardella

November 11th, 2020 (New York, NY): Sam Nardella has released his new single, “Through the Need.” This track is a confident and driving song about fighting for what one believes in. The overall message behind “Through the Need” is that it may not be the easiest journey, but success is possible in the long run.

Sam based this song on the hero’s journey analogy from literature where the protagonist follows a path and eventually encounters a cave. There, he will have to face his demons, but always knows there’s a light on the other side. The lyrics talk about facing oneself after feeling stuck and learning to go after what one wants in order to move forward. Sam wants to speak to the dream inside listeners to feel a sense of escape with the open chords in the production and warm vocals that carry throughout the song.

Sam Nardella is an up and coming singer-songwriter hailing from Boston. Facing the struggles of working odd hours and living in a dark basement storage room, Sam found inspiration and solace in Rock n’ Roll and the great outdoors. Coining himself as a mellowed out version of Kings of Leon, Sam’s influences of the 90s and beyond are present in his music. Sam’s songs come from a place of struggle and he wants to inspire his listeners to dream.  Sam recruited friends from his hometown to bring life to demos he wrote in a garage in Los Angeles. The songs combated the struggle of his immediate situation and gave a voice to the dreamer inside. His singles “Through the Need” and the upcoming single “Feel I Found It” reflects two sides of the same coin. “Feel I Found It” is the bright glimpse of clarity in life’s direction and “Through the Need” as the acceptance of having to confront the dark cave of my deepest desires and fears.

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