Born Zero Talk With Rock ‘N’ Load About 5 Songs That Shaped Their Sound

Brit metal newcomers BORN ZERO (   ) are an emerging, raw, and brawly prospect. Formed out of secondary school in 2015 and hailing from Birmingham, BORN ZERO’s sound can be described as loud, raucous and heavy. The band have just released their enthralling new single, Breathe – .

We asked the band for five songs that have shaped their sound:

Dividium – Machine Head

This song has inspired our chunky riffs because of the main riff and the piercing harmonics that are both heavy and incredibly melodic and is overall the style of the band. With this we also enjoy the 90’s style and want to mix it with our own sound to mix the old with the new.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

This song has to be on every metal bands top 5. This song invented metal, the dark yet simple 3 note progression is just spine chilling along with the church bell and the affect of silence. This song has inspired us to be creepy and abnormal in live shows and writing.

Domination – Pantera

This is the song that inspired Iggy (guitarist) to make him want to create heavy music he says “ The breakdown at the end was the heaviest thing I ever heard at 9 years old and I knew I had to make this”. This songs breakdown has inspired our breakdowns.

Here to stay – Korn

The off beat snare and weird beat of the song has inspired Charlie’s (drummer) stripped down beats to overall create effect and the guitar tone overly overdriven almost cranked fuzz is a big influence on tone for Iggy (guitarist).

One – Metallica

This song is the song that taught Iggy (guitarist) about dynamic and how much effect that this can create going from a soft clean tone to heavy chuggy overdriven screaming guitars which really shows in our new material.

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