BOOZE AND GLORY release new EP ‘Raising The Roof”

BOOZE AND GLORY Release New EP ‘Raising The Roof”

Watch video for “The Streets I Call My Own” HERE:

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BOOZE & GLORY release their brand new EP ‘Raising The Roof’ today on Pirates Press Records.

And to celebrate there’s a new video for the track “The Streets I Call My Own”. Watch it HERE:

‘Raising The Roof’ is available as a 12inch gatefold in two beautiful colours – oxblood and yellow mustard. Grab your copy from:

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“The Streets I Call my Own” is the 4th new single released this year by Booze & Glory. The track is a sentimental journey to the places we were born and raised, the streets we all know well – or we used to know, because they don’t look the same anymore.  The video has been filmed in Sosnowiec, Poland.

Booze & Glory – The Streets I Call My Own

Walking down the old alleys my spots from years ago
Some of them still smell the same but they’re not the places I know
I see new writings on the wall They don’t appeal to me
who is fake and who is true? is this the new reality?
This is my home where i belong
These streets and places  I call my own
Do you still remember chasing snitches and informers
setting rules not to be broken hanging out on every corner
good old days we call them now times changed let’s be fair
Is this the place that feel like home Do you think you still care?
no matter how much they’ve changed and how they look today
no matter how many fears they spread, wounds heal and scars remain
no matter how many broken hearts I love them and dunno why
these streets hold our memories ,they never gonna die!

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Check “Raising The Roof” HERE:

Connect with BOOZE & GLORY online at:

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