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Formed in 2018 by ex Sodom members Bernd Kost and Markus Freiwald they have put together a band that is hard-hitting full-on Thrash Metal and their upcoming debut Rest In Violence is an absolute beauty.

Ten tracks that just overflow with power and precision and announces themselves on the scene in serious style. “Godgiven” roars into life with blasting drums and bass, frantic guitars and cracking vocals and really sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Suit Murderer” kicks things up a notch with an unbelievably fast drum beat and a cross between screamed and growled vocals that set it off big time added to that the chugging riffs and classy solos it takes it to the next level.

“Rest In Violence” has the unmistakable vocal talent of Overkill’s Billy Ellsworth but that is not what makes it a class track, it is the sum of all parts, ripping guitars, blasting drums and thick bass that all combine to make it a banging track. “Je Suis Charlie” is a ripper track with a pounding backbeat and some seriously cool riffs with a tasty solo or two thrown in for good measure. “The Rattle & The Snake” has to be one of the best tracks on the album; it is all that is good about Thrash, breakneck speed on the drums with really meaty riffs and vocals that would make Lemmy proud. What makes it stand out is that is has a real old school, Testament, Anthrax, feel but with real finesse. “No Cure For Life” starts with a grinding rhythm that seems to get heavier as it progresses but it has a real melodic undertone that’s will have you tapping your foot and banging your head in no time, another blinding track.

“Where Silence Reverberate” takes a good minute to get into its stride but Holy Shit when it does wow, to describe drumming as ferocious is an understatement it will blow the socks off you, combined with monster guitars and vocals reminiscent of Chuck Billy, cracking track. “Galaxy M87” is a riff-driven belter with a powerful drum beat and some tasty solos, not as strong a track as the others on here but good all the same. “Arrival” is a serious thrasher with the drums and guitars fighting it out to see who is faster and heavier and some seriously cool vocals alternating between clean and growled/screamed a really great track. The final track on the album, “The Outer Rim”, is as far removed from anything else here. A slow ballad type track that builds up into a heavy power track by the end, a nice way to finish off the album.

This is an album that should be in everyone’s collection, it has all the essence of Eighties thrash with the subtleties of the modern era. The musicianship is second to none and the production of this album is of the charts. You will go a long way to find anything near as good as this

Rest In Violence is out 17th Jan




Bonded – “Rest In Violence” (43:35):

  1. Godgiven (04:13)
  2. Suit Murderer (04:12)
  3. Rest In Violence (03:49)
  4. Je Suis Charlie (03:55)
  5. The Rattle & The Snake (04:00)
  6. No Cure For Life (4:40)
  7. Where Silence Reverberates (05:14)
  8. Galaxy M87 (04:52)
  9. Arrival (03:52)
  10. The Outer Rim (04:42)


Bonded are:

Bernrd Kost                           Guitar

Markus Freiwald                  Drums

Ingo Bajonczak                  Vocals

Marc Hauschild                  Bass

Chris Tsitsis                           Guitar

Previously the band launched the following two other singles/videos for the debut album:
“Je Suis Charlie”:

“Suit Murderer”:


The album’s limited first-pressing edition CD comes with O-Card packaging, a sticker and two inserted bonus tracks: “The Beginning Of The End” (04:15) and “To Each His Own” (04:26). The album is also available as LP on 180gr. vinyl, both on black vinyl as well as in the following limited coloured editions:

200x copies White vinyl – CM Distro & Webshop
200x copies Dark Green vinyl – Nuclear Blast
100x copies Red vinyl – BONDED liveshows

You can order the album here:


Bonded line-up:
Ingo Bajonczak – Vocals
Bernd “Bernemann” Kost – Guitar
Chris Tsitsis – Guitar
Marc Hauschild – Bass
Markus “Makka” Freiwald – Drums

Bonded online: 

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