Bonded // Into Blackness // Album Review


German thrashers Bonded release their second album, “Into Blackness”, on the 12th of November; and much like 2020’s debut, “Rest In Violence”, it’s a beast. While they were unfortunate with the onset of a global pandemic, they didn’t let it hold them back and have produced an amazing thrash album that is without a doubt one of the finest albums you will hear all year.

From the powerful instrumental intro “The Arsonist” to the closer “The Eyes Of Madness”; each track has been crafted to decimate in its own way. Tracks like “Watch (While The Word Burns)” and “The Holy Whore”, a Kreator like a masterpiece, are balls out thrashers that will melt your face with killer guitars and Bajonczak’s immense snarling gritty vocals, while “Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night” with its Maiden feel with galloping guitars and bass, while still heavy AF it is tempered by the melodic chorus and is a real stand out on the album and “Destroy The Things I Love” is a slower grinding track, once again Bajonczak’s vocals shine through as he goes from melodics to borderline death, it is worth mentioning the solo mid-way through, sublime. As the album winds to a close “Ill-Minded Freaks” gives you a full force kick in the teeth with its sheer power and relentless beat that will stir even the most inert of us all, a masterclass in how to blow your mind with pounding drums, killer riffs, an equally excellent solo, a bit out of place but we won’t complain, and the hoarse screaming of Bajonczak is top-notch an absolute cracker.

The closing song “The Eyes Of Madness” is more akin to an opener than closer as it is fast, frantic and brutal, pounding drums, grinding riffs, another ripper solo and Bajonczak sounding like Zetro in his prime, a killer finish.

“Into Blackness” is out 12th of November and if you enjoyed “Rest In Violence” then this will blow you away.


Review: Conor



The Arsonist Intro

02.Watch (While The World Burns)
03.Lilith (Queen Of Blood)
04.The Holy Whore
05.Division Of The Damned
06.Into The Blackness Of A Wartime Night
07.Destroy The Things I Love
08.Final Stand
09.Ill-Minded Freak
10.Way Of The Knife

Bonded are:

Ingo Bajonczak                    Vocals

Chris Tsitsis                          Guitars

Marc Hauschild                   Bass

Markus Freiwald                Drums

Bernemann                          Guitars

Bonded // Into Blackness // Album Review
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