Bombs of Hades // Phantom Bell // EP Review
Bombs of Hades // Phantom Bell // EP Review 8
Bombs of Hades // Phantom Bell // EP Review 8
Bombs of Hades // Phantom Bell // EP Review 8
Bombs of Hades // Phantom Bell // EP Review 8
Bombs of Hades // Phantom Bell // EP Review 8
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There is no messing with this EP, the guitars of ‘Phantom Bell’ ring that body alarm then it’s straight in full-force with the cantering drums to ricochet off of your chest cavity.  Together with a thunderous detonation of guitars, it’s honestly as though the band is playing straight on to your ribcage.  This song has an energizing pace with its pause and then blast between verses and the catchy chorus is sung deathly but clearly.  

‘Bridge of Sighs’ begins as a Sludgier affair, though the introductory words of “Welcome to the pleasure dome, where all your darkest fears roam free” sounds strangely inviting.  There is a juicy bass riff to this song and quirky guitar highlights to some of the verses.  Midway through, an eerie waterfall of chords paves the way for a sorrowful guitar solo before the caution of the “Don’t cross the bridge” chorus and heavy playing kicks back in.  

The longest track of the EP, ‘Kamikaze’ is a Deathed-up cover of the Flower Travellin’ Bands song and features a hugely decent chunk of instrumental moments and some potent drum beats.  This track wakes you and shakes you.  The music is tight, fast, precise and the guitar solo over the steady backbone is inspired and striking. 

The final track ‘Lungs’ – a cover of the acoustic Towns Van Zandt song – begins with an electric whirr of guitars, followed by a continuous chomping beat by drums and bass guitar in a repetitive rhythm.  You have to be confident to lead in with a line such as “Won’t you lend your lungs to me, mine are collapsing” but you’d honestly be hard pushed to refuse such a request once you hear how politely it is delivered by singer Jonas Stalhammar.  This song is a powerfully chanted tale of dreaming and screaming.  It works perfectly as a Death Metal song in all of its unforgiving glory and the spacey intricate electric guitar solo carries you perfectly to its end.

A quartet of quality.  Featuring throaty Death growls and substantial playing that deserves to be heard loud.  Bombs of Hades are a talented troupe and this EP will leave you wanting to hear more of what they can do.


Bombs of Hades – Phantom Bell is released April 17th via Black Lodge Records


Suzi Bootz



Phantom Bell

Bridge of Sighs




LINE-UP 2020:
ROGER IDERMAN –  Bass and effects
JONAS STÅLHAMMAR – Guitars, Vocals and mellotron

Instagram: Bombsofhadesofficial



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