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Norwegian punks Bokassa release their third album on the 3rd of September and it’s a belter.

Eleven tracks of hard-hitting, yet at times melodic, punk that will blow you away. Instrumental “Freelude” opens up with heavy riffs, bass and drums that set the tone for the rest of the album, haunting vocalising leads the song into the second track “So Long Idiots”. A slapping bass line with crushing riffs kick this one off big time, a tasty solo sets it up before all hell breaks loose with pounding drums and snarling vocals, melodic chorus’ is in stark contrast to the rest of the song, but that is what makes these guys so enjoyable, an excellent track to “properly” get things underway. “Pitchforks R Us” absolutely batters you with a pulsating drum beat, thumping bass and savage riffs, Kaarstad’s are brilliant and his ability to switch between a snarling growl and gravelly melodic vocals at the chorus is brilliant, this is a real fist in the air headbanging track.

“Hereticules” starts out on the punk side with a thumping drum and bass beat with crushing riffs as Kaarstard growls through the lyrics, but when the chorus hits there is a Mighty Mighty Bosstones feel with trumpets and great melodies, this is a bit different to previous tracks but the back and forth between the punk/thrash and melodic styles is amazing a real gem. “Low (And Behold)” stomps a mudhole in you and walks it dry with a thick bass line, chugging riffs and a drumbeat that is subtly brutal, a slower pace to this one but heavy AF. “Godless” has a funky feel to it with a heavy bassline, kicking drum beat and grinding riffs, Kaastad’s vocals are amazing here; nice and soft for the verses while he reverts to the norm for the chorus’, killer tune. The title track “Molotov Rocktail” is exactly that; an explosive two-minute punk fest that is packed with cutting riffs, blistering drums and a killer bass line all to a backdrop of Kaarstad’s gravelly vocals. “Burn It All(P.T.S.D.E.A.D)” has a groovy feel to it while still packing a punch with cool riffs, a great solo and a catchy AF chorus, this will have you stomping about. “Careless(In The Age Of Altruism)” is a cracking song, a massive wall of sound of drums, bass and crunching riffs make this one of the best songs on the album, with its changes between soft and hard-hitting rock and hooky chorus, what’s not to love. “Code Red” is an absolute beast with a booming bassline, heavy drums, sharp riffs add Kaarstad’s vocals to the mix and it just slays, the best track on the album.

“Immortal Space Pirate 3 Too Old For This Sith” is a doom style track with a languid opening very similar to the “Freelude”, the slow heavy monotonous drum beat and grinding riffs draw you in while Kaarstad give us a lesson in vocal range, going from Lemmyesque to a soft-spoken style, in an epic eight-minute closer that will stay you long after you stop listening, pure class

Review: Conor

“Molotov Rocktail” is out 3rd September via Napalm Records, do not sleep on these guys, Preorder at:

Molotov Rocktail Tracklisting:
1. Freelude
2. So Long Idiots!
3. Pitchforks R Us
4. Hereticules
5. Low (And Behold)
6. Godless
7. Molotov Rocktail
8. Burn It All (P.T.S.D.E.A.D)
9. Careless (In The Age Of Altruism)
10. Code Red
11. Immortal Space Pirate 3 Too Old For This Sith

Molotov Rocktail will be available in the following formats:
1 CD Digipak + Shirt
1 LP Gatefold Pink – limited to 300 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold Yellow – limited to 200 copies worldwide
1 LP Gatefold Violet Transparent
1 LP Gatefold Black
Digital Album

[1 LP Gatefold Pink – limited to 300 copies worldwide]
Catch BOKASSA on their Molotov Rocktail Tour 2021!
Jørn Kaarstad – Lead Vocals,Guitar
Bård Linga – Bass, Vocals
Olav Dowkes – Drums, VocalsFor more info visit:
Bokassa // Molotov Rocktail // Album Review
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