Bokassa – Let’s Storm the Capitol – arriving Nov 16th

Nov. 16th – 2023

The holidays are closing in, and Bokassa are releasing the perfect soundtrack to conquer this busiest and most passive aggressive of seasons.

“Let’s Storm the Capitol” is melodic heavy hitter and a riff-mastering trojan horse filled with raw and energetic stoner punk.
LSTC comment on how people tend to fully commit to other people’s thoughts and beliefs without really considering any other ways or options. Why think for yourself when you can follow others blindly?

Jørn in Bokassa comment:
“Let’s Storm the Capitol is kind of a satirical look, at how rarely people form their own opinions even though they might think they do. Thus, making them useful idiots for opportunists who prey on uninformed people, and use them to accomplish their own agendas. 

The song’s title is also a nod to Neil Young’s “Let’s Impeach the President” from the mid-2000s, so you can’t accuse us of being particularly hip and trendy this time either.  
According to drummer Olav’s mother, this is also the best song we’ve ever made, which is quite the endorsement! For me the song is a musical melting pot, like most of our songs, consisting of a kind of Propagandhi-esque metal riff into an Alkaline Trio-like chorus before it turns into a cowbell groove ala KISS or Pantera. Vocally, we took some notes from the book of Rob Halford after supporting Judas Priest last year, and in the song, we reach some of our highest pitched notes ever, which might prove to be a challenge as we are not metal gods.” 

BOKASSA’s new album is set for release on February 16th, 2024, via Indie Recordings. Recorded by Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, The Haunted, Halford) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark, fans got their first taste of new music earlier this year via heavy-hitting belter, Garden Of Heathen. A melodically-driven, stoner punk track that’s unmistakably BOKASSA, its hefty drums, smooth riffs, and catchy lyrics are only enhanced further by guest vocals from none other than New York hardcore legend, Lou Koller (Sick Of It All).

BOKASSA sum up, “All Out Of Dreams is an album where the feeling of resignation is present on several of the album’s tracks. Whether it deals with one’s own failures, maybe you feel the system failed you, perhaps because of failed government policies, or that you’ve just given up on it all.
The common denominator is that everyone you encounter, or hear from in the lyrics have lost hope, which is something the album’s title – All Out Of Dreams – alludes to.

The name of the album could also be seen as direct reference to our own career, and the dream of owning our own private island in the Pacific. Unfortunately the masses have yet to develop good taste in music, so that dream is rather non-existent at this time.”

BOKASSA have made a name for themselves with their brand of hard-hitting, melodic, catchy punk and stoner rock, right from their attention-getting, first full length, Divide & Conquer (2017). During the Worldwired tour with METALLICA (for which they were handpicked by Lars Ulrich), the band released the critically acclaimed Crimson Riders (2019). In 2020, they followed up by releasing a digital EP, Live At The BBC, from their BBC Radio 1 live session at London’s legendary Maida Vale studio, and were nominated for a Norwegian Grammy as “Breakthrough Of The Year”. In 2021, BOKASSA won the Norwegian “Bendiksprisen” award and released their explosive third album Molotov Rocktail. The record shot immediately to #18 on the Norwegian chart, their highest spot to date. The album was met with critical acclaim from Kerrang, Rock Hard, Adresseavisen, and Metal Hammer among others, with the latter boldly declaring, “With such eminent replayability, Molotov Rocktail threatens to burst the bubble separating ‘classic – sounding’ records and straight – up classics, easily delivering the most fun stoner record since Monster Magnet’s Powertrip in the process.”

With extensive further touring under their belt with the likes of Mastodon, Baroness, and Judas Priest, not to mention performing at some of the world’s biggest festivals (Wacken, Hellfest, Download, Rockfest, Øya, Stavern, Tons of Rock and more), BOKASSA have continued to capture the hearts and minds of thousands across the world. With a new album on the horizon and a new tour with Therapy? the first of many dates to come, BOKASSA are taking no prisoners and show no signs of slowing down.

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Tickets are on sale now

Nov 16,  SO36 (supp. Therapy?)  Berlin, DE

Nov 18,  Het Bolwerk (supp. Therapy?) Sneek, NL

Nov 19,  La Sucrerie (supp. Therapy?) Wavre, BE

Nov 30,  Concorde 2 (supp. Therapy?) Brighton, UK

Dec 01,  Wedgewood Rooms (supp. Therapy?) Portsmouth, UK

Dec 02,  Academy2 (supp. Therapy?) Sheffield, UK

Dec 03,  Roadmenders (supp. Therapy?) Northampton, UK

Dec 07,  The Fleece (supp. Therapy?) Bristol, UK

Dec 08,  Academy 2 (supp. Therapy?) Manchester, UK

Dec 09,  Pop Recs (supp. Therapy?) Sunderland, UK

Dec 10,  King Tut’s (supp. Therapy?) Glasgow, UK

Dec 14,  Electric Ballroom (supp. Therapy?) London, UK

Dec 15,   Nightrain (supp. Therapy?) Bradford, UK

Dec 16,  Institute (supp. Therapy?) Birmingham, UK

Dec 17,  The Globe (supp. Therapy?) Cardiff, UK