Body Count // Carnivore // Album Review
Body Count // Carnivore // Album Review10
Body Count // Carnivore // Album Review10
Body Count // Carnivore // Album Review10
Body Count // Carnivore // Album Review10
Body Count // Carnivore // Album Review10
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Since the formation of Body Count in 1992, the cross over band have been smashing boundaries over the course of the previous 6 albums and now with the follow up to the 2017 release Bloodlust, the latest offering by the band fronted by Ice – T lands and is about to shake the world. Having never pulled punches with tracks previously such as ‘Cop Killer’, ‘No Lives Matter’ and ‘Black Hoodie’ Body Count are comfortable being true to themselves and are happy to be controversial as they produce music that is as real as it gets and thought-provoking, whilst also being as hard and heavy as it gets.

Opening with the already released title track ‘Carnivore’ the lyrical smoothness of the Ice-T as he spits his harsh words are matched by the hardcore sounding music before the solo tears your face off as the drums provide the perfect thumping beat. This track sets the tone for the album perfectly, heavy music with harsh rap vocals.

I could gush over every track individually, however with Power Trips Riley Gale featuring on the inflammatory ‘Point The Finger’ the hard-hitting track becomes more abrasive as ‘Bum-Rush’ provides a call to arms for those who are now “woke”.

As per any Body Count album, there is a cover track and this time around we have ‘Ace of Spades; by Motorhead and there is a further cover by way of the track ‘Colors’ from the 1988 film, both given that Body Count twist.

The guest appearances continue as well as one of the most positive guys in metal joins forces with BC as Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) does additional vocals on ‘Another Level’ a positivity bomb that flows seamlessly, unsurprising really if you have heard how well the two bounce off each other on ‘The Jasta Show’, the podcast hosted by Jasta. We also have the incredible vocal talent of Amy Lee joining the mix on ‘When I’m Gone’, a track made following the murder of Nipsey Hussle, which promotes the appreciation of those who are around us, whilst they are still here, rather than saying taking them for granted and then they are gone. One of the hardest-hitting tracks is ‘No Remorse’, a hard-hitting vocally and musically anthem to those who keep true to themselves and don’t waiver to others.

From start to finish, Carnivore tackles current issues in society and provides tracks that you can relate your life to, offering an outlet for frustrations and emotions as you either rap the best you can along with Ice-T or mosh to the music that simply goes hard.

Body Count have created their best album to date in Carnivore and it is hard to see any better albums being released this year, quite simply this is a must-have album.

Ed Ford


Carnivore is released Friday, March 6th 2020 via Century Media.


Track List

1. Carnivore (03:12) 

2. Ace of Spades (03:00) 

3. Point The Finger (feat. Riley Gale) (02:38) 

4. Bum-Rush (03:23) 

5. Another Level (feat. Jamey Jasta) (04:12) 

6. Colors – 2020 (04:25) 

7. No Remorse (03:13) 

8. When I’m Gone (feat. Amy Lee) (04:35) 

9. Thee Critical Beatdown (03:12) 

10. The Hate Is Real (04:01) 

11. 6 In Tha Morning – 2020 (Unreleased Demo) * (03:30) 

12. No Lives Matter – Live In Australia 2017 ** (04:57) 

13. Black Hoodie – Live In Australia 2017 ** (03:27) 

* only available on the LP & the 2CD Box Set 

** only available on the 2CD Box Set



You can pre-order your copy of Carnivore HERE!



The following formats are available:

  • Deluxe 2CD Box Set
  • CD Digipak
  • Gatefold black LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Digital album
  • CD Digipak (Australia Edition)
  • Gatefold clear LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold orange LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold silver LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold transp. red LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold transp. blue LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold golden LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold mint colored LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster
  • Gatefold transp. sun yellow LP+CD & LP-Booklet & Poster






Jun 19th, 2020 Hellfest Clisson France
Jun 21st, 2020 Graspop Festival Dessel Belgium
Jun 22nd, 2020 Rockhal Esch Alzette Luxembourg
Jun 23rd, 2020 013 Tilburg Netherlands
Jun 24th, 2020 Tempodrom Berlin Germany
Jun 26th, 2020 Rock The Castle Festival Verona Italy
Jun 27th, 2020 Arena Vienna Vienna Austria
Jun 28th, 2020 Roxy Prague Czech Republic
Jun 29th, 2020 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen Germany
Jul 1st,  2020 Tollwood Festival Munich Germany
Jul 2nd, 2020 Komplex 457 Zurich Switzerland
Jul 3rd, 2020 Eurockeennes De Belfort Festival Belfort France
Jul 4th, 2020 Beauregard Festival Saint Claire France



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