BOA22 // M2TM // Heat 5 // Voodoo // Belfast

Like a flash here we are, Heat 5 and the final heat before we start venturing into the semi-finals and dare I say it, I dare, THE BOA M2TM 2022 FINAL!

This one is going to be tasty, two years on and although we know a few of these names from previous M2TM competitions that time has given all the bands an opportunity to grow, mature and express themselves bigger and better than before. 

Tonight we have heavy rockers Divides/Unfold, the heaviest of metallers Noamdus, heavy rockers Falling Through, fresh faces formed in 2019 and they may have potentially caused the pandemic to delay their arrival to M2TM #fakenews #justsayin anywho, The Scuntz Folk-core Punk to the rescue! I shall wait with bated breath to see what that is, and finally Wildheat 80’s style rock ’n’ roll. Five very different bands, as always it’s going to be a hard one to call and it will heavily depend on the peeps in the room and if the bands have rallied the troops and brought the numbers with them. 

Let’s do this. 

Tonight’s opener is The Scuntz – Folk-punk to the max! Buck fast and cider on stage says it all, anarchy rules and their blisteringly fast tracks are over in the blink of an eye, they’re like the Napalm Death of folk-Punk – and the Voodoo crowd are in caught unaware! Their setlist is a page long and before the set kicked off I thought to myself that’s ambitious, but as each track hits you like a slap to the face and takes as long they’re flying through them.  The guys are all about the craic, they know the crowd here aren’t their usual punters but that doesn’t matter one iota, tonight The Scuntz are here to make. Statement and I don’t think anyone here will forget them anytime soon. The guys infuse comedy and craic into their set and for shizzle separate themselves from the usual bands we have seen in M2TM, for sure the numbers here tonight aren’t as strong as in previous weeks do how will that impact the public vote? 

Nomadus take the stage next, two years on from the pandemic and a debut album on the way it will be interesting to see the progress of these guys, Their first ever gig was their M2TM debut way back in 2019? And the guys made a serious impression back then, two years on totally focused the guys know exactly what they are here for and what’s at stake. A gargantuan performance and a collection of brutal pummeling riffs keep the heavier fans in line. The room is packed now with the earlier start possibly catching a few people out but the numbers have grown which as always is great to see and will help balance out the voting. 

Falling Through hit the stage next and have a Beastie-Boys esque vibe about them with a groove-driven stoner rock vibe going on. Tops aff seems to be the way of it tonight as the frontman gets his aff ta fuck by the end of the first song, I think the Stuntz boys were in their munks by the end of their set! The guys have their own thing going on sound-wise, which ain’t a bad thing, their style is a little disjointed and progressive in nature and for the faint-hearted, it could be challenging to get into. The guys obviously have the chops and embrace the chaos but will the voodoo crowd dig it? 

Divides/Unfold are back once again with their polished brand of heavy rock, the guys have brought a crowd with them and they push their way forward to fill the floor, the guys on stage look right at home and wouldn’t look out of place on a bigger stage either, they do what they do very very well and offer the most radio-friendly sound out of all the bands in the competition. The two years off the road during the pandemic doesn’t seem to have slowed them down at all. A killer performance from a serious band.

To wrap things up Wildheat are back with their 80’s infused hair metal with wailing duelling guitars, blistering solos and high energy high impact songs. The fact that the ladies were dancing goes a long way to the fun-factor Wildheat bring to the evening. For the ladies raised on Rock, Wildheat is probably the closest you’ll get to the real thing and it will save you taking a trip in the hot tub-time-machine, good tunes, great musicianship brings the night to an end. A night packed with contrasting styles but one aim, to take the last two spots in the semi-finals, but who will it be? 


Thanks again to James @ The Distortion Project  and of course Voodoo Belfast for hosting a great night once again.


Semi-Final ONE. Friday 25th March:
Archives // Haint // Mortal Backlash // Survivalist // 1TBA. Guest Headliner – Ashen Crown. Doors 7pm

Semi-Final TWO: Friday 8th April
12 Gauge Outrage // Blurred Reality // Victim Royal // 2 TBA. Guest Headliner – Netherhall. Doors 7pm

Semi-Final THREE: Friday 22nd April
Gravity Well // Insidious Void // Puresonic Outcasts // 2 TBA. Doors 7.30pm

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