Regrettably, the dreaded COVID strikes at the weekend’s gigs once again, leading to @fallingthroughbelfast having to pull out of tonight’s Heat. 

At this rate everyone is sick to the death of Covid – two years on and even with restrictions now lifted it is still biting us on the ass even now. #whatapuke 

Nevertheless, here we are Heat 4 and with bands dropping in and out things are still ploughing ahead regardless, tonight now has four bands instead of the scheduled five, so we now have Dynasty, Gozer The Traveller, Koma and Minor Inconvenience entertaining up this evening. 

Trying to find any decent info on local bands is live shaving your balls with an axe, why they resist selling themselves like the little whores they are I do not know, this is your sole purpose as a band, get yourselves out there, build an audience and when you make it then you can create a mystique about you. But for now, play the game, sell your soul, meet the devil at the crossroads and sign on the dotted line. It’ll all be fine. 

So I’ll not bother with introductions this evening and instead take the bands at face value as I don’t believe I have caught any of these guys live previously, and I do enjoy that first-hand experience of catching a new band live for the very first time without prior experience or prejudice. 

So first you this evening Minor inconvenience – a groove laden hard rock band from Belfast. Four youthful characters with a gnarly sound and guitar solos! Actual guitar solos! Well spank my ass and call me Charlie (Optional) it’s been a while with the Death Metal, Djent and Black Metal tis a rare thing to have someone wail on the guitar, wait two guitarists doing solos, #totesemotes fair play lads you’ve man this little lady very happy! So a tentative start, the lads played well but looked a little like rabbits in the headlights – I’ll put that down to my devilish good looks intimidating them – totes understandable #next 

Dynasty – who or what are Dynasty? I mean beyond the 80’s hair do’s and shoulder pads I’m not sure what to expect. Wait maybe I’m thinking of the wrong Dynasty? Well, I am and I’m kinda thinking I’m having an out of body experience as this Dynasty are bat shit crazy! Yet another cracking young band but on a different trajectory! These guys are old school rock n’ roll and clearly have a support in the house. All the stage presence and bravado of bands thread time their age and I dig it! Five kids who can play all with smiles beaming from the stage, what’s not to love? #oldsouls

Okay so shizzle takes another turn when Koma take the stage, these dudes have done it all before, and bring a level of life experience not yet seen on tonight’s stage. Clearly technically proficient they have a modern metal sound with a melodic heavy rock backbone, Tremonti meets Trivium. A pretty killer package slamming breakdowns with a hard melodic edge, the guys raise the bar and offer a diverse take for the competition away from the Black & Death Metal we have come to know …. A great set laid down by the lads and a band with great potential which could totally throw a curveball in the bigger picture of M2TM 2022.

So Gozer The Traveller wrap up tonight’s proceedings with their filthy riffs and gnarly vocals, a prog infused stoner rock collision that showed they weren’t just here to make up the numbers. The guys have a distinctive sound and a charm to go with it that resonated with the Belfast crowd. All the way from County Arrrrrmmmaaaaagggh these guys got it going on! Tossing their name in the hat tonight’s heat was a surprising bag of unexpected gems. Fair play to all involved for another cracking night’s entertainment and yet again a packed out Voodoo, big shoutout yet again to James @ The Distortion Project for another great night, and good to see people are finally getting the message to bring the support with you! Turn up if you want to see your band make it out of the heat’s.

I’ve been Mark you’ve been lovely till the 11th & Heat 5 – I’ll see you all then.

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