Blutbad // Alcohodyssey // Album Review

Italy’s finest space cowboys Blutbad have landed on planet Earth with their first full-length studio album ‘Alcohodyssey’ released on 31st January 2020 with Argonauta Records.

Following on from the release of their self-released EP ‘Extrarock’ this album covers a whole host of different music genres that are spread over every track.

With a sleeve cover that has each band member portrayed like a character out of Star Wars and the album title in bright, bulbous lettering, it’s obvious you’re in for a bit of a treat.  Sat in the cockpit of their shuttle, the album kicks off with what can only be described as an 80’s mix of Techno topped off with some cheesy keyboards and robotic vocals.  Featuring ‘Kristallo’, who at a guess is some kind of DJ – this intro is somewhat of a surprise.  But a good one that leaves you feeling miffed yet eager to hear what’s next.

The Space Adventures of the Hopshunters’ is a somewhat unusual title for the second track and embarks the listener on a completely different journey to the other end of the music spectrum.  Heavy drums and a repetitive bass line form the basis of the track with power chords thrown in. Although this track is more rock than the first, different styles are already starting to emerge.  The vocals are strong and seem to tell a story about a galaxy far, far away. So, what’s next?

‘Die Alone’ on the other hand has a much more of a punk sound to it with bellowing vocals, faster drums and rapid guitar riffs which is apparent across other tracks on the album.

And so the album continues being a tombola of genres.  Rock, metal, punk and even a hint of 80’s Goth in tracks such as ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘I want to believe’ with reverbed guitar, fundamental basslines and tom-tom heavy drumbeats.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Alcohodyssey’ carries a ‘space’ theme throughout and would be lost without the voice of Doctor Spock, aka the late Leonard Nimoy who features in the track ‘Interstellaris’.  Turning to a more heavy-metal vibe, this track is another one-off sound by the band as is ‘Flash Golden’ which sees Niko from the stoner-rock band ‘Own Paw Thee Die’ join them.

The album ends with ‘Arcade Mood’, a track that sounds like it’s been ripped from an 80’s video game, with oodles of effects from an analog synthesizer courtesy of ‘Kristallo’ that pan from left to right, leaving you dazed and confused.

The end result is an album that is pretty damn unique. It may take a bit of getting used to and one that you have to listen to over and over again to absorb.  But not only does it cover a variety of music genres, but each track is also a fusion of them all in one way or another.  Most importantly, it works and each time a track is played, there’s something new to discover.

The Alcohodyssey will be taking place on January 31st 2020, on CD and in Digital formats with Argonauta Records – the pre-sale has just started at THIS LOCATION!


Review: Emma Painter

Album Tracklist:
01 Lost in Space (feat. Kristallo)
02 Alcohodyssey part.1 (The space adventures of the hopshunters)
03 Die Alone
04 Sunday of Living Dead
05 Space Trumps
06 I want to believe
07 Alcohodyssey part.2 (The great escape from Bikini planet)
08 Steam Road
09 Interstellaris 0042
10 Flash Goldon (feat. Niko from Own Paw Thee Die)
11 Arcade Mood (feat. Kristallo)


Tomi Versetti – Vocals

Manu Il Bello – Guitar/Vocals

Michael Deon – Bass

Davide Tonin – Drums

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