Bloodstock Open Air // The Ronnie James Dio Stage // Mainstage // Saturday August 12th // Pt.1

It’s day 2 of Bloodstock 2023 and we’re hoping that the overcast weather remains the same and the rain stays away. It’s another incredible mix of band’s up on the main stage today and I’m looking forward to catching them all!

Up first and opening the main stage are Seething Akira and it’s an impressive crowd for early in the morning. Their electronic dance-infused metal is certainly one way to wake you up for the day and these guys are raring to go. As they bounce around the stage with boundless energy, they quickly have the crowd clapping and waving along with their infectious charm. Everything about this band has a feel-good and energetic vibe and you can’t help but fall in love with them and their cheeky stage presence. The half-hour set seems to fly by too fast and the band has tried to get as much music as possible into this time with very little downtime between tracks. They do find time though to throw in a new track though and as expected it’s another bouncy hit. If you weren’t awake before these guys, you are now and it’s been an incredible high to start the day.

Next up is Urne for something a little bit heavier. The trio use a range of driving beats with a mixture of clean and growling vocals. Their style is very much a mix of many influences from dark and Doom to the more hardcore and all done in single tracks of the mix. Vocalist and bassist Joe Nally, flits between mics on stage as much as he changes between vocal styles making use of the room on stage. Guitarist Angus Neyra is incredible to watch though as he switches between driving and melodic riffs as well as Metallica-style solos. The range of skills these guys showcase is truly impressive and watching them do this live on stage takes it to a whole other level.

It’s time to switch things up again as Royal Republic take over the arena this time and arrives with fanfare. Certainly nowhere near as heavy as many of the bands on the bill, they have still drawn an impressive crowd that continues to grow throughout the set. It’s no surprise though as their infectious feel-good vibes just make you want to dance with them. Very quickly they have the crowd clapping and singing along with their catchy melodies. On stage, the band are clearly here to have a good time as they run and bounce around. Frontman Adam Grahn makes sure the crowd are matching their vibe as he directs everything from clapping to jumping to singing and from the front to the back of the arena he achieves his mission in having everyone involved. His energy on stage is to another level while his charm and charisma hold your attention to the point that even the rain began, not a soul left watching this performance. Royal Republic are a fantastic party band that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Photography: Mark Ellis 

Review Emmie Ellis


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