Bloodstock Open Air // Sophie Lancaster Stage // Live Review // Day 2 // Pt.3

Black Shuck

3 sturdy men from Ireland are in the tea time slot for this evening on the Sophie Lancaster stage.

Black Shuck  couldn’t contain their excitement for being at the festival although it seems that many of the crowd are expecting Divine Chaos to appear.

That aside, the band had a good turn out placed before them and they introduced themselves diving straight in and got the party started with a track from their new EP. 

A total mishmash of thrash and groove metal was served up by this lot as a handful of the crowd dispersed elsewhere. But those that remained packed tight at the front to enjoy the ride, the band reeled in for large dose of meaty Galway metal. 

Divine Chaos

A quick change around during the evenings sets as the high winds cause issues on the main stage. 

The crowd in the Sophie Lancaster stage tent has totally diminished for now as there’s a sense of confusion as to who’s playing where. The soundcheck is overrunning and there’s now been a mass exodus with a few people who’ve taken to sitting down whilst they wait and one line of people along the barrier. 

A change of plan and Devine Chaos make a start in complete darkness and the before the lights shine down on the stage. Soundcheck was done and dusted and the band could finally get on with their set.

Based in London, this five piece band take pride in creating their own genre of metal which is an unique mix of thrash and metal core. The crowd are clearly taken in by what they’re hearing as the band throw out track after track of mental mindfuck drumming, hardcore riffs and pummelling bass lines. 

Vocalist Jut Tabor is on a mission as his vocals come straight from the pit of his stomach to create an almighty explosion of roars. 

The competition heats up as Anthrax are due to headline the main stage and some of the crowd leave to get settled for their set. 

The night is still young and folk are well lubricated as they head deep into the night.


Norwegian Death Metal specialists Taake Close the Sophie Lancaster Stage on day 2. In stark contrast to the Main Stage which is hosting Parkway Drive as we speak due to a delay in poor weather conditions, the Sophie Stage is packed as usual with a cacophony of Death Metalheads and the more discerning mettalers. 

Parkway may have the pyrotechnics but these crazy kids have a huge crowd in front of them baying for blood. Pummelling double bass drums, a barrage of guitar riffs and guttural vocals all brought together in a explosion of blue and white light certainly is a feast for the senses. Black Metal, Doom, Sludge Taake have it all and enslave those who are brave enough to venture into the Sophie Stage before calling it a day. Two days down, one to go. 


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