Bloodstock Open Air // Sophie Lancaster Stage // Live Review // Day 2 // Pt.2

Red Method

The stage was lit up red as Red Method entered the stage and dressed in black and red outfits to set the scene for their blood filled death metal set.

The Sophie stage was getting busier now after everyone had been fed and watered. But vocalist Jeremy Gomez was after blood from any fans willing to give any….there would have been takers for sure.

One of the most theatrical sets so far today, unfortunately the band were faced with a technical hitch that was out of their hands. No fucks were given as the unexpected interval was short lived as Gomez introduced the band. Nothing was going to stop Red Method as the first mosh pit of the day developed joined by a touch of crowd surfing.

death metal, prog metal, heavy metal or tech, this band were fucking mind blowing performers. Finishing the set with two glamorous dancers the masked guitarist gave a taste of what was to come this evening.

Dust Bolt

Dust Bolt had the crowd chanting shortly after their set had started with a few tracks taken from their new album ‘Trapped in Chaos’ released earlier this year. 

This German thrash metal four piece had the crowd hooked with hair to make any female fans screaming with envy. 

Lead vocalist Lenny Bruce didn’t seem to even break into a sweat despite the sheer energy given on stage. Vocals were a little lost in a couple of tracks so someone needs to have a word with the sound engineer. 

The band were clearly ecstatic to be performing at Bloodstock 2019 and drew in a gargantuan crowd for what would usually be a lull in the afternoon. But Dust Bolt kept the momentum going and made their mark with their tremendous sound. As another mosh pit was developed, the atmosphere was euphoric as the set came to an end. Same time next year guys?


An eiry start to the Norwegian Viking Metal set with haunting guitars as the rest of Helheim join the guitarist on stage.

With a massive following, this band are no strangers to the crowd.  The Sophie stage tent is nearly maxed out as some fans at the front barriers wield their axes in the air. 

In true Viking Metal style, a VT was on display at the back of the stage to create the atmosphere that put the viewer in the middle of a forest on a twisted track that led to nowhere. Each song told a story and everyone seemed to appear united on a journey into the unknown. 

3 Headed Snake 

California based melodic metal band 3  headed snake were next up all the way from LA. 

Sin Quirin, guitarist from Ministry has conjured up this beast of a melodic metal band  to bring a taste of the finest in the industry.

As their debut performance they have pulled in quite a crowd with their dark and sultry sound and dramatic vocals. 

Vocalist Johnny Ray has a good old set of lungs to reach those scorching high notes as he fist pumps the air and the crowd partake. 

With deep and menacing bass lines, lead guitarist Sin Quirin fills in the offbeat with erotic riffs that could tame any 3 Headed Snake. 

These guys were masters at their game and set an even tone for the upcoming evening leaving the crowd in a trance whilst the remains of the night were soaked up by the sun.

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