It might be afternoon but the fire torches are lit and with the sun burning in the sky behind it feels as though Dani Filth has brought the fire from the very bowels of hell itself, with him.

There’s no denying that the corpse paint is stunning and the players certainly adjust the mood of the stage to fit their Gothic aesthetic.  It’s like death personified. The beauty in the form of maleficent-esque Lindsay Schoolcraft safely narrates the crowd through the band’s tale of woe and despair whilst also providing stunning operatic harmonies that rather magically bind the lyrics.  Martin Skaroupka is enclosed in a cell-like bowl to perform his Drum, Keyboard and Orchestral duties whilst Richard Shaw and Ashok on Guitar combine their command of the strings along with a windmill headbanging Daniel Firth on bass to ensure that all relevant elements have been included in the COF ritual.

“What was with all the cyclone in every orifice yesterday?” playfully grumbles DF “What could possibly happen next? I’ve just released a plague of venomous frogs backstage, that should do it!” He gleefully announces at the pitch and decibel that only he can do.

The song “Heartbreak and Seance” has flames crisscrossing the stage as well as balls of fire shooting just above the onlookers.  Whatever they have just summoned up is clearly pissed off!  

Clouds close over the sky and the band really couldn’t have planned it any better as the temperature plummets to a chilling breeze. 

Cradle Of Filth are currently working on a new album – aiming for a 2020 release date – to find out more about the band and their last album ‘Cryptoriana – The seductiveness of Decay’ (2017)

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Bringing their fusion of Hard Rock and Prog Metal to Bloodstock, Queensryche take to the stage beneath a cloud of red and purple lights.

Having been moved up a stage timeslot due to Dimmu Borgir having to pull out of the festival last minute, Queensryche proudly performs their well-honed set – their very first time at Bloodstock. Todd La Torre introduces Drummer KK and Guitarist Michael Wilton to the audience.  It’s mainly a mature crowd of seasoned rockers here to appreciate the set tonight as you would expect for a band who have been going since 1982.

The title track of their new album (2019) ‘The Verdict’ is well received by the crowd and there is a good deal of sing back, and dancing throughout the muddy field.  With guitarists playing elongated solos and providing backing vocals the band have a well-rounded sound which the crowd seem to enjoy and there are pints and hands raised along to the slower more melodic parts whilst head nod and fists reach out to the faster chants.

Bloodstock has been well worth a visit from Queensryche as part of their European tour as the crowd applause happily demonstrates.

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The video backdrop shows a helicopter flying through streets full of towers.

The main stage field is cram-packed full of Bloodstock Festival warriors all ready to jostle and dance away their last few hours of the weekend.  A machine pumps out bubbles which catch the stage lights and give the appearance of a billion fireflies overhead.

There is an explosion of music on stage and the band begin.  Drummer Mikkey Dee is elevated at the back of the setup and thrashes out those beats beneath a wonderful mop of crazy hair whilst Vocalist Klaus Meine demonstrates his impressive lung capacity by holding a stream of tuneful notes as the band blast through their greatest hits including songs such as ‘The winds of change.’ Ending the set with the outstanding “Rock You Like a Hurricane” the band have, once more, shown why their career has had so much mileage, and their popularity is not waning.

What makes the Scorpions music easy to enjoy is their ability to switch from a chugging bass riff to an extended guitar solo without it seeming odd.  The bands 54-year career of experience shines through during the set and it’s fair to say that the weekend’s main stage entertainment has ended on a friendly high.

The band’s latest release is the 2017 compilation ‘Born to touch your feelings: Best of rock ballads’.  Find out more at:

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