Serving up your Sunday lunch main course this Swedish 5 piece are determined to fill you to the brim with their tasty Melodic Death Metal.

Announcing the song ‘Full Moon Shoals’ From their latest 2019 album  ‘Verkligheten’, Vocalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid walks the lengthy catwalk to enlist the help of the crowd to clap and punch this one in.  

It’s a large crowd, the clouds have broken and most of the hands that aren’t already raised in horns are clutching a beer cup to counter the hot sunshine that has decided to join them.  The set is powerfully entrancing and solid as hell with the stage choreography involving all guitarists lining up along the front at times to reach the crowd with their energy. Not least to mention Drummer Bastian Thusgaard and Keyboard player Sven Karlsson giving the instruments their all for the audience, despite being somewhat tethered to their spots.

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If you like to feel your music at root level then you can’t go far wrong with Sweden’s Extreme Death Metal band Hypocrisy.

“Who’s bright idea was it for us to play this early in the morning?” curses Vocalist Peter Tagtgren.  “Someone wake me the fuck up,” he demands.

Bassist Mikael Hedlund slams out a chunky riff alongside the drum beats that power this machine.  Overlay that with top notes of Guitar shreds and sprinkle in a generous helping of vocals that switch between viscious growls and shriekingly high screams and you’ll have the basis of what this band are about.  Then increase the speed, turn the volume to maximum and add a good dose of strong dark energy and you may even get an idea of the vibe that they bring to their live set at Bloodstock.

The crowd are plugged in and recharging themselves as the band fire through their set.  They play the title track of their 2013 album “End of Disclosure” which receives huge applause as well as being granted permission to extend their set by one more after the song “The Final Chapter”.  

It’s a pleasure to watch this band headbang their way along to the music and impossible not to find your feet moving to that underlying beat.  Find out more at:


Takes to stage in leaps and bounds.  “Alright are you ready to kick some arse?” he enquires, “For the love of metal I am Dee Snider.”  The crowd goes wild for ‘You can’t stop Rock n’ Roll’.

“Last time I played Bloodstock, it was a goodbye gig with my last band with twisted sister.  We’re all friends, I just wasn’t ready to finish yet.” DS point

DS announces good news – he’ll be playing Twisted Sister sings today – whilst also forbidding there audience to go walking off to the loo when he introduces “a song off of the new album” ‘For The Love of Metal’ because it’s still  daylight and he can see EVERYONE!

They play ‘American Made’ a song from  new album, with plenty of hey hey hey air fist bumps opportunities it’s a chunky track.  As well as ‘For the love of Metal’ the title track of the new album which is a crushingly catchy song that has the crowd hooked

A lover of horror and a natural communicator, DS enjoys speaking to the crowd between tracks, there’s a lot of humour to these interactions and it’s obvious that both the fans and the musicians are having a lot of fun.  It’s a late-afteroon party feel and Mother Nature “had better not fuck with [me] bitch” it’s as though she heard as the sun begins to beam, “right as [I] take [my] sunglasses off” it would seem there is an ‘ongoing domestic’ which he laughs about.

 A rendition of ‘We’re not gonna take it’ has maximum crowd participation filling the whole outdoor area with the chanted chorus whilst “I wanna Rock” has perhaps the loudest singback of the weekend so far.  

Thank goodness Dee Snider isn’t ready to quit because this showman would leave a huge void in the Rock and Metal world.  Find out more at:

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