Day 3 of the main stage music and LA metal band All Hail The Yeti sound the Bloodstock alarm clock with ‘The Sound of Mourning’ to get the crowd’s fists up in the air and the ears wide awake.  Playing the title track of their latest album ‘Highway Crosses’ the band speed things up with tales of angels falling and demons calling. Vocalist Connor Garrity takes a stroll on the newly erected stage runway – providing a human fountain at the end of by spitting water high into the air at the front row crowd.  “Holy shit there’s fucking Skeletor!” laughs CG as as the inflatable baddie joins the audience, 


Introduced as a song about a girl he once knew,  the aggressive playing of ‘The Witch Is Dead’ suggests that perhaps it isn’t a love song.  The Sunday congregation is steadily building, watching and listening with interest to this bands tight guitar playing, gunshot drumming and growly, forceful, yet melodic lyrics.  Find out more at:




Yes it’s raining hard. But who cares?  The large audience for Aborted would suggest that you can’t scare a Metal fan with a spot of rainwater.  It just isn’t holy enough. 

As the band tear through their Death Metal set, a blazing ball of fiery sunshine appears high in the sky.  Jackets are thrown off and the circle pits of celebration begin with a wall of death soon encouraged by Vocalist Sven de Caluwe.

An evil neon backdrop and bright lighting darts ate part of the stage set up, this provides the perfect edge to the solid and satisfying grinding songs that this band deliver.

Find out more about the band’s latest tour and album ‘Terrorvision’ (2018) at:  (Tour dates) or




Just as the sun returns to the festival, Ross “The Boss” Friedman takes to the stage with his band of punky dragon slayers featuring a special guest performance by KK.Downing on Guitar in his first public show since 2009.  

As they fight through a succession of Classic Metal songs there is an army of battle jackets emblazoned with Judas Priest and Manowar to assist them on their first Bloodstock experience.  It’s quite a team and quite a tuneful choir-esque singback when they aren’t chanting “Kill”, “Hail’ or “Fight.”

The stage set up is simple and the band make use of the runway.  The playing however, is complex and experienced. Each musician is the master of their game and not afraid to show it and there is of course that all impressive cover of ‘Breaking The Law’ by Judas Priest.

The band are currently recording a new album to be released and touring by 2020.

Meanwhile check out their last album ‘By Blood sworn’ (2018) and find out more about the band at:

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