Hitting the stage almost a hour after their allotted start time due to high winds affecting stage safety, Anthrax hit it hard!

The gathered masses have been patiently waiting and hoping for the gig to go ahead (since the announcement that COF had their set moved to Sunday) and the excitement can be witnessed in pools of mosh pits errupting throughout the crowd way beyond beyond the usual boundaries.  The fans are here to have a good time and Anthrax are going to give it to them. “Sorry about the wait but it’s all good, ain’t it?” announces Vocalist Joey Belladonna.

The band tear through a succession of their Thrash metal anthems with the crowd showing plenty of support with claps, horns and surfing.  Scott Ian is positively beaming and the band announce that just an hour ago they were told playing their set was unlikely “and here we are” grins JB.

The audience are packed tight despite stretching across the whole field and form a Metal choir as they singback lyrics to songs such including “Anti-Social” and ‘Indians’.

They may not have released an album since the 2016 ‘For All Kings’ but rumour has it there’s an aggressive new record in the making and it would seem that the crowd at Bloodstock are more than ready for it.  Find out more at:




It’s finally time! “Who ordered the fucking cyclone” jokes Vocalist Winston McCall about the inclement weather that saw their set start later than planned.  It’s only 40 minutes though and this set promises to be well worth the wait.

Their first headline slot at Bloodstock Open Air Festival has the band entering stage with flares and flames to a haunting solemn tune. The stage is a dark cavern of smokiness with the festival banners either side, illuminated in blood red.  The solid white spotlight beams shine down on to the band members before they rip into their dazzling display of skilled playing and theatrical execution which includes flares being thrown to set the stage alight.

Amongst the heavy Metalcore songs the band play,  is ‘Dedicated’ which WM dedicated to the trials of today as the flames shoot into the air.  There are incredible explosions in time to the lyrics of ‘Absolute Power’, showers of sparks falling and all players demonstrate incredible musicianship with Jia “Pie” O’Connor still performing Bass playing duties in a wheelchair, owing to his recent leg injury.  There are slower songs complete with string section but there is nothing gentle about the messages that Parkway Drive wish to get across and Ben Gordon quite literally drums those home.

The crowd are fully immersed in the jumping by the time ‘Bottom Feeder’ ends the show and it’s safe to say that Parkway Drive’s lengthy trip from Australia has paid off as they totally owned the Saturday headline spot.

Find out more about Parkway Drive and their latest album ‘Reverance’ (2018) at:

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