This four piece immediately radiate angst and a savagery that screams ‘was not breastfed as a kid’. Duelling vocalists they share out responsibility to envelope the New Blood tent in an angst ridden film of melancholy. Their grinding riffs and dark sound makes an immediate impact and draws the crowd in for more. A gnarly band they have attitude dripping from their pores, exactly what is needed as we head into the afternoon and a quick energy pick me up to see people through to the home straight.


Thrash is the name of the game here as Elyrean have a packed out NB tent, melodic, pacey, gritty and tight they unleash their brand of thrash through harmonising guitar work, screaming vocals and hefty riff work. Old school in nature but with a contemporary twist that separates them from the crowd.

Take refuge

We have a hardcore, Djent, Thrash mash up with Take Refuge, a pretty brutal sounding band, in the best possible way of course! Tight as a tiger and heavier than concrete these guys are delivering 100% with brutal savagery.


Crazy scenes at the NB, chaos ensues and mosh pit in full force, these guys have whipped the NB crowd up into a frenzy and they’re loving it ! These guys have an absolute balls out attitude and great stage presence that you can’t help but wanna get involved. Passionate, solid, and heavy as fcuk and IRISH! What’s not to love?


So we have our 1st keyboard on the NewBlood stage … no less violent a style of music but shizzle has been mixed up and between the sight of Keys and chequered jumers across the stage it’s all a mind melt! Great music though, gargantuan sounding band with a hefty melodic backbone and growling vocals make for an intriguing set.

Lost In Lavender Town 

Lost in Lavender Town is a prog rock metal instrumental band containing no less than 3 guitarists, bassist, keyboard player and drummer who make a cacophony of sounds. Serious riffage competing from the stage and a barrage of notes it’s nice to see such a diverse artist on the New Blood. Clearly a very talent bunch and an unexpected twist in the line up.

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