Prog – Djent Metal quintet with an awesome sound, like gunfire the double bass drums just pummelled you from front to back of the New Blood Stage, vocals are a mix of both clean and guttural to mix things up, the band has an intriguing and intricate writing style that chops and changes across songs providing a multi-layered experience and a highly engaging watch. Melodic passages interchange with violent riffage to make the perfect balance between angst and environment.

28 Double

Groove laden back more in the hard rock vibe that out and about Metal which is a nice change of direction as BS can be a tad Death Metal heavy at times and a change of pace can be good for the soul. These guys have a great easy on the ear sound that resonates well with the NB crowd, pulling in people into the tent with their edgy brand of rock. Well worth checking out.

Fallen Temples

Blues / Rock amundo! Fallen Temples have a lovely groove-laden sound infused with classic guitar tones and gnarly riffs, as a trio they put out a tight assed sound. You’re talking Classic Rock thrown into the 21st century with a huge sound and hard-driven rhythms they are a band you can really get into. There are hard-hitting breakdowns and time changes throughout their songs to keep you on you toes and sexy guitar solos not yet seen over the Bloodstock New Blood Stage this weekend.

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