TGIF People!!!

Some people go to church, some to the bottom of a bottle, I go to Voodoo for my sanity check and my weekly fix of M2TM. 

Heat 3 is upon us and it feels like this shizzle is shifting up a gear with heavy hitters on another level tonight and an unforgiving array of talent taking to the stage this evening. 

Up first last years finalists and Northern Ireland’s Doom merchants Elder Druid, after just dropping their latest full-length LP Golgotha, these guys have been touring hard and it shows, the crowd seems light as the guys hit the opening bars of their set but by the time the first songs closes there is a sizeable crowd surrounding me. Two bass players, two guitars and what sounds like two drummers Elder Druid bring down a wall of distortion on the Belfast crowd that it almost takes the breath away.  With cinematic quality, they push and pull the audience through a rollercoaster set that speaks of the pain of the disappointment of last year’s bitter ending. Pipped at the end Elder Druid is back, focused, bigger, better, filthier than ever and that may not be good news for the rest of the M2TM participants.


Okay ‘what we have here is a failure to communicate’ is all I can hear of the opening dialogue to Guns N Roses ‘Civil War’ as I watch Tooms unleash unholy hell in Voodoo. A three-piece with a gnarly sound, aggressive, angst-ridden, laying down their very own take on smooth jazz … Okay well not smooth jazz but maybe the story of a psychotic break told through the medium of modern dance/music. A crazy assed affair, dynamic and frantic all at the same time, Tooms keep you on your toes as they batter and bruise you with a collection of pummeling riffs, die-hard fans upfront and center living every thrash of the guitar, onlookers taking it all in, fo shizzle Tooms are offering something a little left field to the equation.


Jesus H Christ …. Like the beast from the east Survivalist storms the stage at Voodoo Belfast and announced their arrival to M2TM like a blow to the head! A storming set packed with quality songwriting and a presence rarely seen at this stage of the competition, they make their mark and put a shot across the bow of all who follow that Survivalist have arrived and are no doubt here to stay. The imposing figure of Gavin Sharp is softened by the grins of his fellow band members who are clearly elated at the reaction coming from the Voodoo faithful. High octane, high impact, an explosive performance from start to finish and one to watch for sure.


Hefty riff agents Molarbear have the pleasure of closing off tonight’s proceedings, a savage sounding band, unforgiving in their brutality they do what they do, clearly Confident enough in their own ability they slam their hefty riffage upon the dedicated M2TM followers who love a bit of filth on a Friday night. A solid set showcases this bands experience, high energy and a high-octane set wraps up a savage nights music, a fine collection of bands tossing out killer riffs for fun.


Voodoo Belfast and The Distortion Project deliver once again, onwards and upward to Heat 4 and yet more of Northern Irelands finest homegrown cutting edge talent.

Congratulations to Survivalist and Elder Druid on qualifying from tonights Metal 2 the Masses NI Heat 3

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