Friday night, CHECK, Voodoo Belfast, Check, M2TM, CHECK! 

Yes folks it’s that time of year once again as we kick into a fast and furious pace with M2TM gaining momentum over the next few weeks, tonight we have a fresh lineup in front of us that are totally new to the competition over the past few years and it’s great to have fresh blood. After a turbulent start with awol vocalists and absentee bands, we spluttered our way through Heat 1 and onto Heat 2. Tonight already looks like a completely different affair with a decent crowd braving the shitty weather to stand tall and be counted here in Voodoo Belfast. 

First up, Psyschelanaut a Belfast quartet who are M2TM virgins, but who looks ready for the challenge. 

Right from the off you can feel these guys have put the graft in, a hefty sound packed with groove-laden songs and weighty riffs immediately demand your attention. There’s a stoner-dessert-Rock vibe to these guys as they batter and bruise the Belfast crowd with pummeling riffage, an absolute savage drummer behind them catches the eye and thumping bass complete an intense start to tonight’s proceedings, well-played ladies.

12 Gauge Outrage has come a long way to take part in tonight’s Heat, Wexford, 160 odd miles and 3 + hours drive, so it shows the reputation M2TM has with up and coming bands as an opportunity for exposure on The New Blood Stage at BOA and beyond. These guys are old school Metal with the riffs to match, Thrash, heavy, fast, technical, savage in their intensity they mean business. No rest for the wicked, there is no let-up in the intensity across their set, ripping it up Luke their lives depend on it. The crowd responds in kind letting them know their graft is going down well. The crowd has pushed forward and heads are banging, as I look around the room there are palpable grins on the faces of those upfront and center who are digging this.

In a change of pace, we have Rapturation a four-piece Death-Metal band from Belfast, these guys bring a wall of distortion unheard of tonight, violent, pungent and visceral they unleash their brand of unholy hell on the Voodoo faithful and it’s all good, the crowd responds in kind with a mosh pit opening up giving their approval. Shizzle gets real as the bodies start flying and the brutal intensity of Rapturation seems to be growing within the room, a behemoth sounding track closes off their set allowing their minions to catch their breath.

So that leaves Mortal Backlash with the pleasure of closing off tonight’s heat, four young whipper-snappers who have the bit between their teeth and a sizeable following in the room. Closing off the night can be an intimidating affair for some, you’ve had the opportunity to weigh up the opposition, you may have had a little bit more to drink than you should but these guys are up for it and ready to lay down their take on old-school Thrash. Fair play ladies, you brought your A-Game and for such a young talented bunch you guys have a bright future ahead.

The people have spoken and congratulations to Rupturation and Psychedelanaut on qualifying from tonights Bloodstock Festival Metal 2 the Masses NI – Heat 2. Well done guys! A Heat of real quality which is what makes M2TM such an appealing event year on year. If you are in a band and have not yet considered it, come down check it out and understand what it can bring in terms of experience and exposure.

Heat 3 is up next Friday and it looks like it’s going to be huge!


Review & Photography: Mark McGrogan

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