Bloodstock Open Air // Hobgoblin New Blood Stage // Comes To A Close On Day 1

The Hope Burden

Oxford based Post Metal anarchists The Hope Burden are bringing their own brand of Doom infested, sludge ridden melancholy Metal to the fore with a powerful performance with frontman Josh Day in the pit throwing out his guttural vocals that shake the New Blood Stage to its core. A powerful and anthemic performance that will stick in the minds of the NewBlood Crowd.

Blind Divide

Guttural vocals, Behemoth sounding guitars and bass drum are the name of the game here for these welsh lads, laying down a pounding soundtrack that is powerful as fcuk. They’re drawing in people far and wise as the sonic battering attracts attention from those on the peripheral of the arena.


This lethal 5 piece just ripped the New Blood a new asshole, seriously hefty and a powerhouse band with gargantuan sounding riffage and equally vicious vocals they laid down a set that caught the eye and kept this hungry crowd happy for a little while yet. Sporting red shorts their frontman clearly revelling in the moment and rightly so, they’ve earned their place here today and we can all see why.



Merseyside’s Marw are a beast of a Black Metal band, visceral, angst ridden and atmospheric they Slayer their set at their New Blood Debut and took down all who stood before them. A band with its own unique voice I originally thought they may have been Scandinavian and was caught out that they were local such is their presence. If Blackened Death Metal is your thing, Marw are for you.


Jesus h Christ, gnarly as fuck and in your face from the off Widows are here to make their mark. Gritty guitars, hellbent vocals from an animal of a frontman and makes for one right ass band, half 5 and the New Blood Stage is still going strong, a feats of fresh blood has paved the way today for epic performances from the off and Widows are no exception ! Bring it on!!



Brighton’s Gaia, prog specialists and hefty riff masters are making their mark as they have a healthy support in the crowd tonight, guys in tu tu’s, Jesus in the crowd, all rocking out to the brutal sounding riffs coming from the stage, there’s a party atmosphere for sure but more than that everyone here for the music. Growling vocals fused with pummelling bass drums batter all who have braved this performance and a killer performance it is too.


Alt Metal outfit Saurr are one seriously hefty band, there elements of Prog, Djent and power metal all infused throughout their set, a powerful four piece that know how keep their audience engaged, their set is filled with peaks and valleys through intriguing song writing and huge hooks. Lively as fcuk on stage too which is always great to see as many a young band don’t quite bring the passion along with the performance.



The Weymouth massive Anakim are closing the New Blood Stage tonight and are a fitting act to wrap up proceedings for what was an eventuful day at Bloodstock. The guys bring the noise, riffs and attitude to the New Blood and the crowd love it. A packed out tent ensures the day goes off with a bang, passion, angst and a balls out attitude give the New Blood faithful evertyhing they need and more to wrap things up on day 1 before the headliners hit the main stage, Ragin Speedhorn in the Sophie Lancaster, Powerwolf on the Ronnie Dio with the mighty Sabaton to close. Roll me over I think I am done!