Carrying on from last night’s monstrous opener that gave the Bloodstock masses a taste for blood, Friday is the first full day of bands on all stages bring their magic to the fore. Here’s the action in the first few hours on the Sophie Lancaster Stage from Bloodstock 2019.

Opening up on the first full day in the Sophie Lancaster stage are Zealot Cult, straight outta Ireland. Although the crowd was pretty sparse, there were many pints already on the go and the smell of wet grass from an overnight of storms in the air. It didn’t take long for the crowd to sway their locks of hair to the most incredible thunderous drumming one could hear in the morning. But this was just the start and everyone was just getting warming up to what will be the greatest metal festival in the UK. A bit of blue language from the singer didn’t even seem out of place this time of the day. Zealot Cult was a force to be reckoned with at 11 in the morning and set the standards way up in the sky for those bands to follow. Obligatory black attire and laden with tattoos, get your horns up for Zealot Cult – this is gonna be one hell of a festival.
Things are really hotting up with Control The Storm, a six-piece band from the UK with Firouzeh On vocals and backing provided by a keyboard player.
With the Sophie stage filling up the crowd are treated to an explosion of pyrotechnics so liven up the set. The drums are strong as fuck, powerful voice and erotic moves warm the crowd a little more. With lots of crowd interaction and a few social media plugs for the band, Control the Storm were on fire with their fast-paced 80s Rock sound. Their last track was marked by the launch of red confetti as vocalist thanked the cheering crowd. That was a blast!
It’s lunchtime and third up on stage are hardcore metal band Blasphemer. No holds barred here with growls, supersonic drumming and intricate guitar riffs that of Guitar Hero on expert took with a line of something special. Still a half filled Sophie tent but those here were cranking it up a notch and Blasphemer were the dog’s doodah’s of the day so far. This lot meant fucking business and more than delivered. Dark and melancholy…just what the doctor ordered.
Def Con One On the stage next and a pit didn’t take long to form. Shirts were off and many were tucking into a liquid lunch.
Another hardcore metal band, this four-piece gave plenty for the crowd to chew on owning the stage sporting suicide squad outfits. No long locks on stage from this lot but the power they produced was thundering gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. A quick ‘fuck you’ to Boris Johnson was demanded from the band and the crowd complied with horns in the air during the last song of their half-hour set. The band encourage the crowd to display their finest ‘roar face’ as they beckoned to his commands. A quick group shot of the band for the record and their time was up. But jeez they left a huge impression on the crowd.
Photos & Review By Emma Painter // Pacific Curd Photography

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