Bloodstock Open Air festival // Sophie Lancaster Stage // Day 2 // Pt. 1

Parallax Method

Day 2 has arrived and It’s the weekend and after another wet night the ground was well and truly churned.

Up on the Sophie Lancaster stage this morning onlookers were treated to Parallax Method for elevenses, a three piece prog rock instrumental band. 

A total fest of methodical metal riffs and ever changing tempos, the crowd seemed to be soaking it all up as the place started to fill.

A few thanks for checking them out from the band in between tracks but they were strong and mighty and top notch to set the day off with a bang.

Odd Crew

Odd Crew from Bulgaria were the second band of the day chucking out a feast of their best metal core tracks to a half filled stage. 

The festival was now well into the weekend and the crowd were covered in ponchos with their pints in hand. 

But Odd Crew certainly woke anyone who was flagging after a late night mosh laden with alcohol.  

The band had apparently been hired to wake up the crowd and with their frenzy fuelled stomping riffs to get heads moving, there was no need for ‘hair of the dog’.

Lotus Eater

Lotus Eater, a five piece band from Scotland were up at lunchtime after a rigorous sound check . The crowd with thickening up and patiently waited as the pit filled with togs.

There was no messing with these lads with fast erratic drums and tempo. Although labelled as the genre ‘Groove’ they seemed far from it. Raucous and manic on stage they took charge of the crowd with a few wise words from the vocalist and bit of swearing thrown in for good measures. Bless the tots in the crowd with their ear defenders on.

Sophie’s stage was gently getting busier and Lotus Eater were having a major impact on the crowd, like a cat amongst the pigeons. 

The band certainly livened everything up during everyone’s lunch hour.

Guardians of Time

Norwegian Heavy Metal is on the menu this afternoon with Guardians if Time who had a warm welcome from the crowd.

These Norwegians will give any band a run for their money. It’s in their blood. 

Wasting no time,  they entice people into the stage tent with their intense and dramatic vibe topped with high pitched ball-busting lyrics. All the band were active on that stage and used every square inch to parade on with their instruments. 

No pit had yet been created but the line of fans at the front barrier was getting longer as the set went on. 

Bernt Fjellestad was charismatic as he spoke to the crowd about how many people were there to watch them whilst Jonkis in bass guitar gave the togs a few tasty poses for their portfolios.

True performers and incredible musicians, these guys are the real deal.


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