Despite the overnight downpour Bloodstock 2019 has kicked off in true metal style. We are publishing reviews and images as the action happens throughout the day on the website and across our social media channels


There’s a sudden burst of sunshine as Incite take to the stage and begin to roast us with their sounds. “Bloodstock make some Goddamn noise” commands Vocalist Richie Cavalera his hair dramatically flowing in a gust of welcome breeze.

The band are a powerhouse of heavy riffs, growls and extremely grooving metal with the occasional solo and the steadily growing crowd is soon bouncing along with them – a circle pit beginning within minutes along to lyrics of “Nowhere to hide” – thanks to frequent encouragement and crowd interaction. The Bassist is sporting a bandana and the guitarist has a tail-like strap wrapped around him. There’s a sword raised in the front row as several mock-slayings are carried out in the pit.

There are air punches of “Oi’s” and the crowd are ready to have the Bloodstock party kickstarted by this Phoenix band..  Horns up everyone. If you enjoy the early sounds of Fear Factory then you’ll definitely want to check these guys out.

Find out more about Incite and their latest album ‘Built to Destroy’ at: or


Theme tune is played across the PA. The atmosphere is building.  The backdrop from their new 2019 album ‘Bury the pain’ adorns the back wall as the band enter stage and launch into title track ‘Bury the pain’.  Vocals are a gruff and we get the definite tyrade of “twist the knife one more time”.

There’s a decent sized crowd of all ages already gathered, with many more now being drawn in to see Bassist Chris Shires bang out the underlying tunes along with his head.  Guitarist Kristian Havard sings along as he strolls across the stage to visit the other side in a manner that makes his playing look a cinch but it’s most certainly an intricate arrangement of notes that his fingers are busy proving otherwise.  Drummer Dennis Gasser pounds the band a fierce timing. “There will be consequences” warns Vocalist/Guitarist Jay Walsh but this only encourages the pit to grow wilder – which is a fitting response to the continued impressive outpouring of Thrash that ensues.  The bands aesthetic is classic metal , all dressed in black but with a strong rotating colourful light show bleaching them into a a modern age.

Second from last song sees the circle pit assuming the position of a bunch of seated rowers on the sea of grass.  Find out more at: 


There is no messing with this band.  This is pure Bay Area Thrash Metal at its best.  The huge crowd know what they want and the band know how to deliver just that. This is music to be felt as much as heard with its rapid fire of pounding drums, tight rhythmic guitar and delightful heavy fuzzing bass to accompany the gnarly vocals.

Shortly before launching into the song ‘Evil Divide’, there’s a check in with the crowd around half way through the set, this is the bands first time playing Bloodstock in 6 years but they confess a heartfelt much bigger, deeper history within the UK.  Having been around since the early ’80s they are a tight unit who have quite rightfully earned a lot of fans simply by doing what they very clearly enjoy.

“Are you early risers (it’s 1pm) ready to celebrate Metal with Death Angel?” taunts Vocalist Mark Osegueda.  That’ll be a loud resounding “Fuck Yeah” from the crowd. Bloodstock has been well and truly torn open and there’s full on party in it’s guts.

To find out more, including details of their latest album ‘Humanicide’, go to:


Hailing from the West Coast USA, Metal Church begin their Bloodstock set with an interesting hum which leads into the title track of their latest 2018 album ‘Damned if you do.”  These are seasoned players and there’s a deep crowd waiting to welcome them. As the rain begins to finally show itself there’s a dash for cover from a small few while the remaining fans take the opportunity to move closer and the band don’t miss a beat or an opportunity to jump and shout.  A smiling Kurt Vanderhoof strums a fast pace on guitar as Vocalist Mike Howe delivers his lunchtime sermon through a series of wizard-esque lyrics with a chorus singback from the crowd to “Start the Fire” and moves off stage to greet the fans in the front row with the microphone.

“We’re gonna go back.  We’re gonna go way back”. There’s a roar if approval from the fans as they begin to play ‘Beyond the black’ featuring a sweet guitar solo from Rick Van Zandt.  Bassist Steve Unger moves to the front of stage with MH and begins a fist raised chant which filters through the audience. Tying this stunning display of Heavy Metal together is Drummer, Stet Howland,  with a relentless barrage of beats which match the seemingly neverending energy and movement of the other musicians.  Find out more at:

Watch out for part 2 of our main stage review and gallery coming later today.

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