Bloodstock // M2TM Heat 3 // Voodoo – Belfast

One week on from Heat 2 we are back once again on the haloed ground that is Voodoo Belfast. As Storm Eunice tries her best to fuck up proceedings the Belfast massive come out in force for a seriously heavy nights music.

Tonight we have a hefty affair at hand with four-bangers completing the lineup this evening. On tonight’s bill, we have Acid Age who are self-described as “War Jazz” and going since 2013 they have forged a serious reputation for themselves on the local scene. 

Having dropped their album Semper Pessimus the guys want to take it to the next level and M2TM and BOA22 offer the perfect opportunity as a launchpad for world domination. 

Imperial Demonic seem to be the new kids on the block on tonight’s bill with little information about them online apart from a sample of a demo of a track from a forthcoming album. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what these guys or dolls are all about on the night. It’s good to go in blind sometimes as a fresh take on a band can open the mind but on the other hand sort yer fucking online profile ladies! 

Insidious Void is a 3 piece Blackened Death Metal band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. They have an upcoming EP ‘Entropy’ and just dropped a video for their track ‘Upon A Dead World’ so again a hefty sounding group of Blackened Death Metal that will make an impression on tonight’s proceedings no doubt. 

Mortal Backlash is back to make an impression on the competition after their 2020 appearance so it will be interesting to see the progression the lads have made, two years is a long time and I am confident the guys aren’t just here to make up the numbers. Tonight will be interesting indeed. 

Insidious Void takes to the stage first. A packed out Voodoo means this really is going to be a tight affair, all the bands are going to have to bring their A-game tonight and right from the off Insidious Void mean business. The guys have a confident swagger about them even before their set kicks off – a brutal pummeling performance and only two songs in a mosh pit kick-off to the crowd’s approval. The wall of distortion and guttural vocals are going down well with the crazies in the room – When frontman Shane Hughes screams “Belfast Let Me Hear You” they oblige …. Half a set in and I know tonight’s going to be a seriously tough one to call. 

Imperial Demonic are up next, the quintet has the war paint on and knows the score, after a powerful opener from Insidious Void these guys know what they have to do. Their Charismatic frontman is pulling out all the stops whipping the crowd up into a frenzy and the guys brand of Black Metal is resonating with the voodoo faithful as they chant along with the songs orchestrated by their glorious leader. For new blood to the M2TM stage, they’re going all guns blazing with a debut to remember. The windmills of hair at the front says Voodoo approves this message. 

It is time for Mortal Backlash, the anticipation in the air is palpable – an army of young fans appear to be on hand to give their support and as the band take to the stage to kick off their set a sea of bodies has crammed into the pit ready for action. As the set takes flight so does the first crowd surfer of the night as the band get ripped into their thrash-tastic performance. One thing of note .. there’s a defined look going on up there on the stage – Eskimo Callboy meets Don Broco! I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe they’ve been watching too much Kobra Kai but whatever it is, it seems to be working. This crowd is on their side … 

Tonight’s most established band close off the show tonight – The Acid Age guys have their own sound  “War Jazz” where Thrash meets Prog in a high-intensity sonic explosion. This trio is as tight as a tigers ass and the crowd surfing and mosh pit opening up in front of them tell us that tonight’s Heat is going to be a close call. The Acid Age guys lay down a blistering set mixing old and new tracks to close off a killer nights music. Yet another stellar production by James Loveday & The Distortion Project hosted by Belfast’s favourite metal venue Voodoo Belfast. 

There are going to be a few bruised bodies out there tomorrow and two deflated bands who gave their all on stage tonight, but no losers here. Four backs against the wall, no holes barred performances this evening, this is exactly what a battle of the band’s competition should be all about.


🔥** @bloodstockopenair Metal 2 the Masses NI – Heat FOUR** 🔥

Ticket link:

The Distortion Project proudly presents Heat Four of the 2022 Metal 2 the Masses competition Northern Ireland. Bands are not just competing for a chance to win a coveted slot at Bloodstock 2022 this year. There will also be additional prizes to be spread out among the finalists. They are listed at the bottom of this also.

Friday 25th February 2022
Doors 7:30pm
Admission: £6.00 (includes 1 voting slip – tickets and pay on the door)

Running order will be drawn at random on the day of the show.
Voting will close at 11.45 and the results will be announced between 12.15 and 12.30..

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